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Athabasca University

Bachelor of Science
Geoscience Minor

New Minor, effective September 1, 2017.

The Geoscience minor acquaints students with basic aspects of the physical and natural systems that operate on Earth, within it, as well as in its atmosphere. The minor requires the completion of four core geoscience courses as well as four electives in related geoscience and science. It can be combined with any major. Completion of the minor allows students to find employment in a wide range of sectors including environmental, government and consulting services.

Geoscience Minor – Specific Requirements

In addition to the BSc program general requirements and the specific requirements of the major, a minor in Geoscience involves the completion of 24 credits of core and elective courses.

Core Courses

12 credits
GEOL 200 Introductory Physical Geology (3)
GEOL 201 Introductory Historical Geology (3)
GEOG 265 Introductory Physical Geography I (3)
GEOG 266 Introductory Physical Geography II: Lithosphere and Biosphere (3)

Elective Courses

12 credits

Students complete a minimum of 12 credits chosen from the following disciplines:

  • Geology (GEOL)
  • Geography (GEOG)
  • Geophysics*
  • Environmental Science (ENVS)

A minimum of 6 credits must be at the senior (300 or higher) level. Courses which are easily demonstrated to have closely-related science content (e.g. CHEM 350) may be considered towards the credit requirements.

*Note: AU does not currently offer Geophysics courses, but may accept as transfer credit to be used towards the Geoscience electives.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2018.

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