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Athabasca University


9.6 Other Centres

9.6.1 Centre for Distance Education

Martha Cleveland-Innes
Chair; Professor, Distance Education
BA (Calgary)
MA (Calgary)
PhD (Calgary) 

Mohamed Ally
Professor, Distance Education
BSc (York)
MA (Concordia Univ Montreal)
PhD (Alberta)

Constance Blomgren
Academic Coordinator CDE

Patrick J. Fahy
Professor, Distance Education
BSc (Minnesota)
MEd (Alberta)
PhD (Alberta) 

Debra Hoven
Associate Professor, Distance Education
TESL (Royal Society of Arts)
BA (Queensland)
BEdStud (Queensland)
PhD (Queensland)

Tom Jones
Associate Professor, Distance Education Specialist
UCert Teaching (British Columbia)
BComm (Concordia Univ, Montreal)
MEd (Western Washington)
PhD (Toronto) 

Rory McGreal
Professor, Distance Education
Director TEKRI 
BA (Hons)(McGill)
MA (Concordia) 
MEd (Dalhousie)
PhD (Nova Southeastern)

Susan Moisey
Associate Professor, Distance Education
BA (Alberta)
MEd (Alberta)
PhD (Alberta)  

Nathaniel Ostashewski
Assistant Professor CDE

Agniezka Palalas
Assistant Professor CDE

George Siemens
Assistant Professor
Cert Adult Education (Red River College)
MA (Royal Roads, Victoria)
PhD (Aberdeen)

9.6.2 Centre for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research


Genevieve Fox
Individualized Study
PhD (Calgary)

Nicole Lugosi
Individualized Study
MA Political Science (Alberta)
BA Hons Political Science (Alberta)

Neal McLeod
BA (High Hons.) (Saskatchewan)
MA (Saskatchewan)
PhD (Regina)

Lois Edge
Individualized Study, INST 301

9.6.3 Research Centre

Donna Romyn
Acting Vice President, Research
BScN (Alberta)
MN (Alberta)
PhD (Alberta)

Professor Emeritus/Adjunct

Jonathan Baggley
Professor Emeritus
BA (Sheffield)
PhD (Sheffield)

Jorge Manuel Sousa
Adjunct Professor (Research Centre)
BA (York)
MA (Toronto)
PhD (Toronto)

Terri Lynn Thompson
Adjunct Professor (Centre for Distance Education)
Bachelor of Business
PhD (Alberta)


Information effective Sept. 1, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2018.

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