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3.1.6 Enrolment Status Part-Time Students

Those who are registered in less than 60 per cent of a full course load with AU. For taxation or Government Student Loan purposes, students who register in less than four, three-credit courses over six months are considered part-time. Full-Time Students

Full-time students are enrolled in a minimum of 60 per cent of a full course load. At the undergraduate level a full course load is defined as 3.75 credits per month at AU. The minimum requirement for full-time status is 2 credits per month.

Example: If you are on student financial aid, full time enrolment is 9 credits over 4 months with the same start date. If you are taking courses via individualized study over 6 months, you require 12 credits to be full time with the same start date.

For more detailed information on funded and non-funded students, visit the AU Student Financial Aid Information page.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2018.

Updated July 24 2017 by laurab

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