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Undergraduate Fees and Refunds

7.2.1 Refunds: Individualized Study Course Tuition

A refund of tuition, less a course withdrawal processing fee, may be granted if you formally withdraw from an individualized study course either before or within 30 days after the course contract start date provided the course final exam (or after all coursework has been submitted for marking, if there is no final exam) is deemed not to have been written and you are not involved in a disciplinary proceeding involving either academic or non-academic misconduct.

The Undergraduate Course Withdrawal and Refund Policy – Individualized Study states the conditions for a refund of tuition, less a withdrawal processing fee. Complete and submit the Course Withdrawal Request Form (Individualized Study): in person, by fax, by mail, online through the myAU portal, or email. The date of withdrawal will be the postmark on the envelope, the date of the online submission, the date of the email if the form is scanned and emailed, or the University date stamp if the form is hand-delivered or faxed (780.675.6174). No tuition refunds are issued if you withdraw more than 30 days after your course contract start date.

Tuition refunds are processed within approximately 45 days of Athabasca University's receipt of the course withdrawal request. Your refund will be processed according to your method of payment, e.g., your credit card account will be credited, a cheque will be forwarded to your current mailing address, etc.

For information on how a withdrawal request impacts your academic record, please refer to Individualized Study/Online Courses in the Registration section. Learning Resources Fee Refunds (Individualized Study)

Learning resources are items such as texts, student manuals, study guides, reading files and/or other instructional materials such as software and access to online resources. The learning resources fee contributes to the development and procurement for any online resources which may be part of the course (some courses may be entirely online). This fee also covers packaging, shipping, and handling of learning resource materials. You may be required to purchase additional items to complement the course such as binders, calculators, home lab materials, etc., and these are your responsibility.

A refund of the learning resources fee will only be considered if you meet the course refund criteria and the University receives the learning resources complete, unmarked, and undamaged within 30 days of your course withdrawal date. You will not receive a refund for learning resources received by the University outside this time frame (late return).

Note: All returned learning resources become the property of the University and will not be returned to you. Most AU courses include software, and/or software access codes. If the packaging around the software or the software access code has been opened you will not be eligible for a refund of the learning resources fee. Once opened, the software cannot be re-issued and the material should not be returned.

To obtain a learning resource refund, complete and submit the Course Withdrawal Request Form (Individualized Study), along with the learning resources eligible to be issued to another student (e.g. returned complete and unmarked, including any unopened software packaging) to:

Athabasca University
Materials Management
Tim Byrne Centre
4001 Highway 2 South
Athabasca, AB, Canada T9S 1A4
Fax no: 780-675.6174

Include your full name, address, and student identification number with any returned learning resources. Your learning resources refund will be processed according to your initial method of payment, e.g., your credit card account will be credited, a cheque will be forwarded to your current mailing address, etc. You are required to pay the postage on any returned materials.


If the learning resources for the course are only eTexts, the student does not need to do anything further than submitting their withdrawal request. The refund will be automatic if the withdrawal is received within the 30-day withdrawal period.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2018 to Aug. 31, 2019.

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