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Athabasca University

Public Administration Minor

Regulations effective September 1, 2017.

General information on Minors

The Public Administration minor is designed for students who are seeking managerial careers at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government, as well as within non-profit and quasi-governmental organizations. Students can select a mix of Arts and Applied Studies courses in such areas as governance, political science, public policy, economics, public finance, budgeting, legal studies, human resources management, industrial relations, communications, health administration, and indigenous studies.

The role of public servants is becoming increasingly complex as the global economy becomes more integrated and the capacity of nation-states to act decisively is constrained by a multitude of factors. Public Administration professionals must possess strategic, analytic, and creative thinking skills. This minor prepares students to assume public sector managerial roles in the knowledge-based society; it provides them with exposure to administrative concepts, tools and practice, yet keeps them firmly grounded in the liberal arts education program.

Public Administration Minor (optional) - 30 credits

Required Courses: 24 credits

Electives: (6 credits)

GOVN All GOVN courses that are not required courses  
COMM 243* Interpersonal Communication

COMM 277* Group Communication

CMNS 380 Corporate Communication
ECON 247 Microeconomics (3)
ECON 248 Macroeconomics (3)
POLI 309 Canadian Government and Politics (3)
POLI 311 Aboriginal Government and Politics (3)
POLI 325 Canadian Environmental Policy and Politics (3)
POLI 390 Canadian Federalism (3)
ECON/HADM 321 Health Care Economics (3)
ECON 401 The Changing Global Economy

POEC 393 Canada and the Global Political Economy

GLST/INTR/POEC 483 International Political Economy: The Politics of Globalization
ADMN 232* Introduction to Management

SOCI 300 How Humans Organize: From Primary Groups to the World Wide Web
ORGB 326* Organizational Theory

ORGB 364* Organizational Behavior
  (Note: These courses, ADMN 232, SOCI 300, ORGB 326, and ORGB 364) cannot be credited as an elective if used to fulfill a required course requirement.)  
PHIL 333** Professional Ethics (3)
HADM 336* Community Health Planning (3)
HADM 339* Organization of the Canadian Health Care System (3)
HADM 369* Health Policy in Canada (3)
IDRL* All IDRL courses (3)
HRMT* All HRMT courses (3)


All courses above are designated Social Science, unless otherwise indicated by asterisks.

*   Applied Studies courses. Note that students are only allowed to take 18 credits of Applied Studies towards an Arts degree.

**  Humanities.

Language Proficiency

Students in Public Administration who wish to pursue employment in the federal civil service or foreign affairs are strongly encouraged to take French as an option within their BA program. Students interested in North American integration should take Spanish. Students interested in European governance should take German. Students interested in governance capacity building for First Nations communities should take Indigenous language courses.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2018.

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