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3.1.4 New Students

All new AU students require a student identification number. To obtain a student ID number, you must apply for admission to AU.

Complete and submit the online Undergraduate General Application Form and pay the one-time, non-refundable application fee. Before you apply online, you will need to determine if you are applying as a program student or as an unclassified (non-program/visiting) student.

Note: International students residing in Canada must apply using the paper General Application Form, and submit it along with payment to AU. Unclassified (Non-Program/Visiting) Students

Unclassified students are not enrolled in an AU credential program, but are either planning to take or are currently registered in AU courses only. There is no limit to the total number of courses that can be taken; however, the maximum active course load at any one time is six.

The AU unclassified category includes visiting students from other post secondary institutions who are taking AU courses for admission or transfer purposes to another institution. Visiting students are encouraged to obtain a Letter of Permission from their home institution before registering in an AU course. This will ensure the home university will accept the AU course in the visiting student’s program.

NOTE: It is important to note that AU does not evaluate previous post-secondary education or award transfer credit for students in the unclassified category. If a student wishes to change from the unclassified category to a program student category, a request for evaluation of any previously completed post secondary courses can be made any time after declaring an AU program.

Visiting students must request a transcript to be sent to their home institution once they have completed the course(s). This can be done online through myAU. Procedure

If you are applying to become an unclassified student (a non-program or visiting student) from the “Undergraduate General Application” page, choose, “No, I only want to take some courses right now”. Follow the prompts to complete/submit and pay for the application.

After being admitted online to AU, you will be immediately assigned an AU student ID number to confirm your admission.

Confirmation of your enrolment as an unclassified student will be available in your myAU portal the next day. To access your confirmation e-Letter, log into your myAU portal using your ID number.

You can immediately register in courses once you are enrolled as an AU unclassified student. Program Students

Program students are enrolled in any of the undergraduate degrees, diplomas, or certificates offered by AU. Students who change from the unclassified (non-program/visiting) to a program category may use credits earned while in the unclassified (non-program/visiting) category provided the course(s) meets the requirements of the program, including any restrictions on the age of a course, if applicable. There is no application deadline for enrolling in an undergraduate degree program. Applications are accepted year round.

Because program regulations can change, students are required to complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment. Students who are admitted to a program that has any entrance requirements for admission will follow the degree regulations in effect upon completion of the transfer credit evaluation.

Although most of the undergraduate credentials have open admission, there are some that require documentation be provided and assessed prior to admission (refer to the specific program regulations). In these cases, students will be admitted to a pre-admission category until documentation is assessed. Once this process is complete, students will be advised of their admission status. See Procedure below for assessment process. Procedure

If you are applying to become an undergraduate program student (you wish to complete a credential such as a degree, diploma, or certificate at AU) you need to apply using the ApplyAlberta form that has been designed for this purpose.

ApplyAlberta is a secure online application and transcript exchange system that students will use to:

  • apply to one or more of Alberta’s public post-secondary institutions through one portal, and
  • authorize institution(s) to request the transfer of their Alberta high school and post-secondary transcripts.

Student personal and academic information is entered only once—it is filled in automatically on each application submitted to a post-secondary institution.

Once you have completed and submitted your personal information via the ApplyAlberta site, you will be forwarded to AU’s Office of the Registrar Online System (OROS) to finalize your application of admission with AU. Be prepared to indicate the program you are interested prior to submitting your application and paying the one-time non-refundable application fee. If you need help selecting a program, contact Counselling Services prior to submitting an Undergraduate General Application Form.

After being admitted online to AU, you will be immediately assigned an AU student ID number to confirm your admission.

Confirmation of your enrolment as a program student with no evaluation of previous course work will be available in your myAU portal the day after your application is processed. To access your confirmation e-Letter, log into your myAU portal using your ID number.

Confirmation of your enrolment as a program student with a request for an evaluation of previous course work will be mailed to you after your application is processed (typically within 10 business days).

If you enrol in a program at AU, you are responsible for selecting courses that meet the program regulations and requirements in effect on the date you enrol.
If you need help selecting courses for the program you have selected, contact Advising Services.

NOTE: Students may not enrol in an AU undergraduate degree program while they are enrolled in another degree program at another post-secondary institution. Those students may take courses as unclassified (non-program/visiting) students until they have either completed or withdrawn from the other program.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2018.

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