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Undergraduate Calendar Home

1.0 General Information

1.1 Contact Information

1.2 Legal Version of the Calendar

1.3 Recognition and Accreditation

1.3.1 Recognition

1.3.2 Accreditation

1.4 Protection of Privacy

1.5 Undergraduate Student Orientation

1.6 Student Code of Conduct

1.7 myAU

1.8 Ask AU

1.9 Information Centre

1.10 Student Identification Cards

1.10.1 Active Students

1.10.2 Nursing Students

1.10.3 Photo Requirements

1.11 e-Letters

1.12 Moodle

1.13 Postal Service Interruption

1.14 Important Dates


2.0 Student Support Services


3.0 Admission, Registration and Evaluation

3.1 Admission

3.1.1 Past Academic Performance

3.1.2 Non-Canadian Students

3.1.3 Returning Students

3.1.4 New Students

3.1.5 Admission Classifications

3.1.6 Enrolment Status

3.2 Evaluations and Transfer Credit

3.2.1 Block Transfer Credit/College Diplomas

3.2.2 Procedure

3.2.3 Foreign Transcript Evaluations

3.2.4 Timeline for Evaluation Completion

3.2.5 Course Registration While Waiting for Evaluation Completion

3.2.6 Notification of Evaluation

3.2.7 Transfer Credit Time Limits

3.2.8 Appeal Process Concerning Transfer Credit

3.2.9 Transfering AU Courses to Another Institution

3.3 Letter of Permission

3.3.1 Outgoing Letter of Permission: Before You Register

3.3.2 Incoming Letter of Permission: Visiting Students

3.4 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

3.5 Graduation

3.5.1 Procedure

3.5.2 Parchment Replacement

3.6 Registration

3.6.1 Prerequisites

3.6.2 Requests for Exception

3.6.3 Auditing a Course

3.6.4 Zero-Credit Courses

3.6.5 Individualized Study/Online Courses

3.6.6 Grouped Study Courses

3.6.7 Challenge for Credit


4.0 Undergraduate Programs

4.1 General Information

4.1.1 Enrolling in a Program

4.1.2 Student Resources

4.1.3 Program GPA and Graduation with Distinction or Great Distinction

4.1.4 French Language Recognition

4.1.5 Residency Requirement Residency Chart

Degree Regulations

Bachelor of Arts (3-year)

Bachelor of Arts (4-year)

Bachelor of Arts Minors

Bachelor of Commerce (4-year)

Bachelor of Commerce (4-year Post Diploma)

Bachelor of General Studies

Bachelor of Health Administration

Bachelor of Health Administration (Post Diploma)

Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations

Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations (Post Diploma)

Bachelor of Management (3-year)

Bachelor of Management (3-year Post Diploma)

Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor of Professional Arts

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science (Post Diploma)

Bachelor of Science Minors

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Post Diploma)

University Diploma in Arts

University Certificate General Regulations

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate: Inclusive Education

Certificate of Completion: English Language Proficiency Program


5.0 Undergraduate Courses


6.0 Examinations and Grades

6.1 Examinations

6.1.1 Preparation

6.1.2 Requesting an Exam

6.1.3 Examination Centres

6.1.4 Invigilators

6.1.5 Unwritten/Multiple Exams

6.1.6 Supplemental Exams

6.1.7 Challenge for Credit Examinations

6.2 Marks and Grades

6.2.1 Grading Policy

6.2.2 Appeals

6.2.3 Transcript Requests


7.0 Undergraduate Fees and Refunds

7.1 Fees

7.1.1 Fee Summary

7.1.2 Canadian Student Fees

7.1.3 Non-Canadian Student Fees

7.1.4 Students Outside Canada

7.1.5 Courses Without Course Packages

7.1.6 Estimated Undergraduate Program Fees

7.1.7 Challenge for Credit

7.1.8 Academic-Related Fees

7.1.9 Students Union/Alumni Relations Fees

7.1.10 G.S.T.

7.1.11 Methods of Payment

7.1.20 Courier Fees

7.2 Refunds

7.2.1 Refunds: Individualized Study Course Tuition

7.2.2 Refunds: Grouped Study Course Tuition

7.2.3 Credit Balances

7.3 Delinquent Accounts

7.4 Receipts

7.5 Form T2202 (Tuition and Education Tax Credit)

8.0 Faculty

8.1 The Governors of Athabasca University

8.2 Faculty of Business

8.3 Faculty of Health Disciplines

8.4 Faculty of Humanities and Social Services

8.5 Faculty of Science and Technology

8.6 Other Centres

9.0 Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeals Regulations

9.1 Student Academic Misconduct Policy

9.1.1 General Regulations

9.1.2 Intellectual Honesty

9.1.3 Academic Offences

9.1.4 Penalties

9.1.5 Disciplinary Procedures

9.1.6 Appeals

9.1.7 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

9.1.8 Time Limits for Appeals

9.2 Non-Academic Misconduct Policy

9.2.1 General Regulations

9.2.2 Non-Academic Offences

9.2.3 Disciplinary Action

9.2.4 Disciplinary Procedures

9.2.5 Student Records and Transcripts

9.2.6 Exclusion from Class or Exam for Disruptive Behaviour

9.2.7 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

9.3 Student Appeals Policy

9.3.1 Membership

9.3.2 Consultation

9.3.3 Appealable Actions and Decisions

9.3.4 Appeals Process of Assignment of Grades

9.3.5 Appeals Process for Transfer Credit Evaluations and Assessments

9.3.6 Appeals of Matters of Institutional Procedures or Policy

9.3.7 Appeals of Penalties Arising from the Academic Misconduct Policy

9.3.8 Student Academic Appeals Committee Written Appeal

9.3.9 Time Limits

10.0 Glossary


Information effective Sept. 1, 2020 to Aug. 31, 2021.

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