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6.1.8 Grouped Study Exams

Due to Covid-19, Athabasca University exam locations are closed and only ONLINE exams are being issued. Students must confirm that an invigilation centre is open before booking an exam. Please refer to the Covid Q&A page for any updates and current steps for booking an online exam.

Students in grouped study courses write their exams on the same date at the same time at each site. Course exam dates will be communicated to the students within the first two weeks of classes.

The grouped study tutor will give a course outline to the students on the first day of class. This document will contain information such as assignment deadlines and scheduled exam dates.

Day of the exam

Students must provide a valid form of government-issued photo identification or an Athabasca University Student ID card to the invigilator prior to writing the exam.

Requests for Alternative Date and/or Time

If a student needs to request an alternative exam write date and/or time, they must submit an appeal through the Office of the Registrar Online Appeals Form with the potential new date and/or time and the reason for the change. Alternative dates or times may not be available.

Requests for a Supplemental Exam

If a student requests a supplemental exam for a midterm or final exam, they must follow the rules and processes outlined for an individualized study examination, including obtaining their own invigilator and following the applicable deadlines. Grouped study tutors are not responsible for invigilating supplemental or rebooked exams.

Lost Exams

See the Undergraduate Lost Exam Policy for specific regulations that pertain to lost exams.

Preparation and Invigilation of Exams

All grouped study, tutor-prepared exams must be approved by the Course Coordinator and formatted to University standards.

The grouped study tutor will invigilate all scheduled exams (i.e. midterm and final exams) for the course. If a grouped study tutor cannot invigilate a scheduled exam, they must email the request to the Examinations Services Unit with as much notice as possible prior to the scheduled exam write date. Alternative on-site invigilators must be approved by the Examination Services Unit. A record of the request and change of invigilator must be included in the Grouped Study Evaluation Scheme/Exam Form.


All appeals to requesting and completing grouped study examinations must be made using the Office of the Registrar Online Appeals Form. The Appeals Officer, designated by the Registrar, has the final authority on all appeals. If the Appeals Officer has received an appeal in error, it will be redirected accordingly.

All decisions on appeals will be communicated in writing to the Appellant.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2020 to Aug. 31, 2021.

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