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Application Procedures for Non-Program Students

Following are the procedures required to apply as a CNHS Non-Program Student. It is strongly encouraged that you print and read this entire document prior to proceeding with your application. Failure to complete all steps will result in your application not being reviewed for approval, or processed.

Note: Transcripts are not required for CNHS Non-Program applications.

  1. Complete the Application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies online through the Registrar's Office at Athabasca University. Disregard the request for official transcripts.

    Important: If you have been a student at Athabasca University (AU) or have received an AU student ID number as part of a previous application:

    1. You must first login by clicking the Login link (left-hand side, under the General heading);
    2. Click on Graduate Application and complete the required steps;
    3. Be sure to select "Non-program application for the Centre for Nursing and Health Studies." Do not select a major;
    4. You are required to pay the CNHS Non-Program Application fee (which is a separate fee than the Program application fee) even if you have already applied to one of our programs.

      Note that all application fees are non-refundable—review the Centre for Nursing and Health Studies Graduate Fees.

    If you are new to AU, then you will be required to complete steps b. to d. as noted above. You will be assigned a student ID number. Your AU Student ID number will be used to access all AU services and resources.

  2. Proceed to the Centre for Nursing and Health Studies Graduate Student Admission System.

  3. Select the Non-Program option to start your CNHS Non-Program application.

  4. Complete all components of the online Non-Program application. Each component must be finalized.

  5. Click on the "Proceed to Final Review" button in the checklist after all components have been completed and submitted. At that point you will no longer have access to view or modify your application.

  6. You can make changes or additions to your application at any time prior to the application deadline (and prior to submitting your application for final review). You will be able to track completion of various components of the online application through an online Application Checklist.
    To check your application status, use the link provided in Step 2 above.

  7. The status of your application will appear as "Under Review" if all steps have been completed and the application has been submitted for final review. All applications will be reviewed for acceptance during the two week period prior to the Course Registration deadline (please see below). Note that telephone confirmation will not be provided.

  8. If the status of your application appears as "Review Complete," your application has been processed. Click on the link beside your status to review the results of your application.

  9. Go to Course Offerings to review the syllabus for your course selection.

  10. Review Centre for Nursing and Health Studies Graduate Fees. Ensure you include the appropriate Course Tuition fee as well as the Athabasca University Graduate Student Association (AUGSA) fee.

  11. For those students taking a CNHS course through the Western Dean's Agreement, online registration cannot be completed. Refer to the second paragraph in step 12 below. Note that the fully-completed and approved Western Dean's Authorization form must be received in the CNHS office by the applicable course registration deadline noted below.

  12. Complete the online course registration—refer to Course Registration in the CNHS Program and Course Regulations. Ensure you are aware of the applicable Course Withdrawal Regulations.
    If payment is being made by cheque, or money order, or a sponsor, then you need to submit both the course registration form and payment by mail. Cheques and money orders will be processed as they are received. If you are submitting documents by mail, ensure that the course registration form and payment are received in our Centre for Nursing and Health Studies office by the deadline. Registration will not be accepted unless payment is received. Telephone confirmation will not be provided.

  13. Tuition Paid by Student Loans: You must contact the student financial aid office at Athabasca University, three months prior to your anticipated start date to ensure funding is in place for your start date. For more information, contact AU Student Financial Aid.

  14. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Information effective September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017.

Updated June 20 2016 by laurab

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