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4.1.2 Student Resources Program Planning

If you have not completed any post-secondary courses before, we suggest you begin by selecting a preparatory (100 level) or junior (200 level) course in your degree area. But choose carefully, not all program regulations allow preparatory-level courses be used to fulfill requirements.

Select a course that includes topics that interest you, and consider all of the requirements within your specific degree or certificate program. Some of our undergraduate programs, such as the Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Commerce degree, have specific program requirements.

Most programs contain a number of core courses and required elective courses. Select courses that are designated as core or required electives first. These junior-level courses will help provide you with the information base you will need to successfully complete senior (300/400) level courses. Learning Outcomes

Athabasca University has developed program learning outcomes that outline the knowledge, skills, and values you may expect to obtain after completing a credential. Possible career options are also listed. Choose from the list of programs. Counselling and Advising Services

If you are having difficulty pinpointing a specific program or course of interest, an Athabasca University counsellor or advisor can help. The following will help you determine the type of advice you require.

A counsellor will help you:

  • clarify your educational and career objectives
  • select a program of study
  • develop study and time management skills
  • identify and overcome any barriers to your learning.

You may reach a counsellor by:

An advisor will help you:

  • clarify your undergraduate program requirements
  • select courses for your program of studies
  • interpret transfer credit assessments
  • interpret Athabasca University policies and procedures
  • complete Students Finance study plans.

You may reach an advisor by:

  • Appointment Form
  • By phone: Canada and U.S.: 1.800.788.9041
    Calgary area: 403.263.6465
    Edmonton area: 780.421.8700


Information effective Sept. 1, 2019 to Aug. 31, 2020.

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