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Letter of Permission

3.3.2 Incoming Letter of Permission: Visiting Students

Visiting students can take courses at Athabasca University (AU) for transfer credit to other post-secondary institutions. Before you register in a course at AU, you are advised to obtain a Letter of Permission from your home institution that indicates it will accept the AU course in your program. This is not a requirement of AU, but may be a requirement of your home institution.

Make sure you are aware of any special considerations that your home institution has related to course completion, course withdrawal, course extensions, supplemental exams, and delivery mode. For example, some institutions require that their students complete the course within specified timelines, will not accept a grade if a supplemental exam has been written, or will not accept a grade if it was taken by Challenge for Credit.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2019 to Aug. 31, 2020.

Updated October 10 2019 by laurab

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