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7.4 Invigilators: Pre-Approved

Students are required to write an exam with an established AU-approved invigilator or at an AU-approved invigilation centre if they live within 100 km of that invigilator or invigilation centre. Students who live more than 100 km away from an examination centre may write their exams closer to home provided they arrange for an invigilator.

An invigilator is a person authorized by Athabasca University to oversee the writing of an examination by an AU student.

Use the link below to determine whether there is an AU-approved invigilator in your area. If not, e-mail Examination Services Unit, Office of the Registrar, review the Exam Request Deadlines, and Invigilation guidelines (Sections 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 below).

  Examination Invigilation Network

7.4.1 Invigilator: Requires AU Approval

Athabasca University has the right to refuse a requested invigilator, and request that the student submit an alternative invigilator, or request that the student write the examination at an AU-approved invigilation centre. AU has the right to discontinue the use of an AU-approved invigilator or an AU-approved invigilation centre at any time.

Invigilator Guidelines

If an AU-approved invigilator is not available in your area, you may propose an individual (on the Examination Online Request Form), who meets the guidelines below. Before an invigilator may be approved, the University must be able to verify the accuracy of the information presented by the student and proposed invigilator. Please review Exam Request Deadlines.

A proposed invigilator may be:

  • a professor or instructor at a recognized public post secondary institution;
  • a full-time administrative or professional staff member of a recognized public or private post-secondary institution;
  • a full-time administrative or professional staff member of a public library or a library in a public school;
  • a full-time administrative or faculty staff member of a public or private elementary or secondary school;
  • a full-time human resources professional who works in a dedicated HR department;
  • a ranking officer in the Armed Forces;
  • an official at an embassy or consulate office.

A proposed invigilator may not be a friend, neighbour, co-worker, supervisor, family member, or relative of the student, and may not live at the same address as the student. Exceptions may be considered for students who live in remote communities and who do not have access to one of the individuals from the above categories within a 100 km radius of the student's residence. The Office of the Registrar must be confident that the individual selected will ensure that the examination invigilation guidelines will be followed and that there is no conflict of interest between the approved invigilator and student.

Athabasca University students are not permitted to act as invigilators for other Athabasca University students without the written permission of the Manager of Examination Services. Students at other schools are also not permitted to act as an invigilator unless the individual is a paid employee of an AU-approved invigilation centre or has been approved by the Manager of Examination Services.

If these options are not available to you, email Examination Services Unit, Office of the Registrar. A staff member will help you determine a suitable location and an acceptable invigilator.

  Examination Request Form
  Examination Invigilation Network

7.4.2 Invigilator Fees

Students are responsible for any expenses incurred when writing an examination. Most invigilators request a fee to invigilate examinations. Invigilation centers may also charge a fee if you cancel or reschedule your examination.

Athabasca University does not charge a fee to invigilate examinations at any of its three offices located in Athabasca; Edmonton; or Calgary, Alberta.


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