Joely Christian and baby

"It (BGS) is an incredible program. No other institution in Canada is as progressive or as incredibly supportive as AU.”

– Joely Christian and daughter Gabrielle, Bachelor of General Studies


7.1 Examinations
7.1.1 Preparation
7.2 Requesting an Examination
7.2.1 Students with Disabilities
7.2.2 Where do I Write?
7.2.3 When do I Write?
7.2.4 Exam Request Deadlines
7.2.5 Late Exam Requests
7.2.6 Examination Security
7.2.7 Holiday Closures and Examinations
7.3 Examination Centres
7.3.1 Arrive on Time!
7.3.2 Centres within Canada
7.3.3 Centres Outside Canada
7.3.4 Grouped Study Courses
7.3.5 Online Examinations
7.3.6 Examination Attempt and Time Allotments
7.4 Invigilators: Pre-Approved
7.4.1 Invigilator: Requires Approval
7.4.2 Invigilator Fees
7.5 Unwritten/Multiple Examinations
7.5.1 Returning an Unwritten/Multiple Examination
7.6 Supplemental Examinations
7.6.1 Returning an Unwritten Supplemental Examination
7.6.2 Supplemental Examination Security
7.7 Challenge for Credit Exams
7.7.1 Grading and Appeals
7.8 Marks and Grades
7.9 Grading Policy
7.9.1 Grade-point Average
7.9.2 Questions?
7.9.3 Final Grade Processing
7.9.4 Incomplete Course Work
7.10 Appeals
7.11 Transcript Requests
7.11.1 Methods of Requesting Transcripts
7.11.2 Letter of Certification
7.12 Eligibility to Graduate

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