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1. Athabasca University

1.1 About Athabasca University
1.1.1 Our Courses
1.1.2 Online Calendar
1.1.3 What's New
1.1.4 Information Centre
1.2 Recognition
1.3 Accreditation
1.3.1 Memberships
1.4 Protection of Privacy
1.4.1 Online Conferencing
1.5 Admission Policy
1.5.1 Returning Students
1.5.2 New Students
1.5.3 Past Academic Performance
1.5.4 Non-Canadian Students
1.5.5 Computer Requirements
1.5.6 Student Code of Conduct
1.6 Important Dates
2. Undergraduate Courses
3. Undergraduate Programs
Admission Policy/Time to Complete a Degree
Enrolling in a Program
Program Planning
Learning Outcomes
Advising and Counselling
French Language Recognition
Student Resources
Bachelor of Arts (3-year)
Anthropology Concentration
English Concentration
French Concentration
History Concentration
Humanities Concentration
Information Systems Concentration
Labour Studies Concentration
Political Economy Concentration
Political Science Concentration
Psychology Concentration
Sociology Concentration
Women's Studies Concentration
Bachelor of Arts (4-year)
Anthropology Major
Canadian Studies Major
English Major
French Major
History Major
Humanities Major
Information Systems Major
Labour Studies Major
Political Economy Major
Political Science Major
Psychology Major
Sociology Major
Women's Studies Major
Bachelor of Commerce
Accounting Major
e-Commerce Major
Financial Services Major
Bachelor of Commerce (Post Diploma) - General
Accounting Major
e-Commerce Major
Financial Services Major
Bachelor of General Studies
Bachelor of Health Administration
Bachelor of Health Administration (Post Diploma)
Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations
Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations (Post Diploma)
Bachelor of Management (3-year)
Bachelor of Management (3-year Post Diploma)
Bachelor of Management
Marketing Major
Human Resource Management Major
  Indigenous Nations and Organizations Major
Bachelor of Management
(4-year Post Diploma)
Marketing Major
Human Resource Management Major
Bachelor of Nursing
Post R.N.
Post L.P.N.
AU at Mount Royal College
Bachelor of Professional Arts
Common Core
  Communication Studies Major
Criminal Justice Major
Governance, Law and
Management Major
Human Services Major
Bachelor of Science
Human Science Major
Bachelor of Science
(Post Diploma)

Human Science Major
Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems (Post Diploma)
University Diploma in Arts
University Diploma in Inclusive Education
  Education Certificates
  General Regulations
University Certificate in Accounting
University Certificate in Advanced Accounting
University Certificate in
University Certificate in
Career Development
University Certificate
in Computers and Management Information Systems
University Certificate in Computing and Information Systems
University Certificate in Counselling Women
University Certificate
in e-Commerce
University Certificate in English Language Studies
University Certificate in Financial Services
University Certificate in French Language Proficiency
University Certificate in Health Development Administration
University Certificate
in Heritage Resources Management
University Certificate in Human Resources and Labour Relations
University Certificate in Labour Studies
University Certificate in Marketing
University Certificate in Public Administration
4. Graduate Programs
5. Fees, Financial Assistance,     Refunds, and Awards
Fee Summary
Returning Students
General Application Form/Fee (New Students)
Course Fee Example
Re-registration Fees
Methods of Payment
Canadian Student Fees
Permanent Residents of Alberta 
Non-Canadians living temporarily in Alberta
Canadian Residents Outside Alberta 
Non-Canadians living temporarily in Canada outside Alberta
Canadian Senior Citizens
Students Outside Canada

Canadian and Non-Canadians


Challenge for Credit
Academic-related Fees
Students' Union and Alumni Relations Fees
Miscellaneous Fees
Delinquent Accounts
Refunds and Returns
Form T2202A
Financial Assistance/Student Awards
6. Academic Regulations


Admissions Policy/Course Registration


Returning Students


New Students

6.2 Individualized Study Courses

Maximum Course Load


Registration Process


Registration Deadlines


Course Contract Period/Dates


Learning Resources


Shipping/Receiving your Print Course Materials

6.3 Grouped Study Courses
6.3.1 Registration Process
6.3.2 Registration Deadlines
6.4 Challenge for Credit
6.4.1 Learning Resources Option/Tutorial Support
6.4.2 Courses Unavailable for Challenge
6.4.3 Registration Process
6.4.4 Challenge Refunds
6.5 Admission Classifications
6.5.1 Unclassified/Visiting Students
6.5.2 Program Students
6.5.3 Active Students Changing Programs Changing Status
6.5.4 Inactive Students
6.5.5 Graduate Students
6.6 Non-Canadian Students
6.6.1 Non-Canadians Studying in Canada
6.6.2 Studying outside Canada Overseas Students' Start Dates Communication
6.6.3 Non-Canadian Evaluations
6.7 Prerequisites
6.7.1 Professor Approval
6.8 Evaluations and Transfer Credit
6.8.1 Block Transfer Credit/College Diplomas
6.8.2 Procedure
6.8.3 Prior Learning
6.8.4 Transfer Procedure from Athabasca University
6.8.5 Timelines
6.8.6 Registering in a Course
6.8.7 Notification of Evaluation
6.8.8 Transcripts
6.8.9 Transfer Credit Time Limits
6.8.10 Appeal Process
6.9 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
6.10 Residency Requirements
6.11 Letter of Permission
6.11.1 Before You Register
6.11.2 Visiting Students
6.12 Delivery Mode Transfer
6.13 Auditing a Course
6.13.1 Changing Status
6.14 Non-Credit Courses
6.15 Course Preregistration
6.16 Course Extensions
6.16.1 T2202A Forms
6.17 Withdrawing from an Individualized Study Course
6.17.1 Academic Record
6.17.2 Procedure
6.17.3 Refunds and Returns
6.18 Withdrawing from a Grouped Study Course
6.18.1 Academic Record
6.18.2 Procedure
6.18.3 Refunds and Returns
6.19 Course Re-registration
6.20 Students with Disabilities
6.21 Convocation
6.21.1 Procedure
6.22 Parchment Replacement Policy
7. Examinations and Grades
7.1 Examinations
7.1.1 Preparation
7.2 Requesting an Examination
7.2.1 Students with Disabilities
7.2.2 Where do I Write?
7.2.3 When do I Write?
7.2.4 Timelines
7.2.5 Students Within North America
7.2.6 Writing Outside North America
7.2.7 Examination Security
7.2.8 Holiday Closures
7.3 Examination Centres
7.3.1 Arrive on Time!
7.3.2 Centres Within Canada
7.3.3 Centres Outside Canada
7.3.4 Grouped Study Courses
7.3.5 Online Examinations
7.3.6 Examination Attempt and Examination Time Allotments
7.4 Invigilator: Pre-Approved
7.4.1 Invigilator: Requires Approval
7.4.2 Invigilator Fees
7.5 Unwritten/Multiple Examinations
7.5.1 Returning an Unwritten/Multiple Examination
7.6 Supplemental Examinations
7.6.1 Returning an Unwritten Supplemental Examination
7.6.2 Examination Security
7.7 Challenge for Credit Examinations
7.7.1 Grades and Appeals
7.8 Marks and Grades
7.9 Grading Policy
7.9.1 Grade-point Average
7.9.2 Notification of Grades
7.9.3 Rushing Final Grades
7.9.4 Incomplete Course Work
7.10 Appeals
7.11 Transcript Requests
7.11.1 Letter of Certification
7.12 Eligibility to Graduate
8. Student Services
8.1 Information Centre
8.2 Office of the Registrar
8.3 Undergraduate Academic Centres
8.4 Access for Students with Disabilities
8.5 Advising Services
8.6 Counselling Services
8.7 Centre for Learning Accreditation
8.8 Materials Management
8.9 Finance Office
8.10 Help Desk
8.11 Library Information
8.12 Edmonton and Calgary Offices
8.13 Alberta Universities Writing Competence Test
8.14 Learning Services Collaborations
8.15 Learning Services Tutorial
8.16 Communication and Creative Services
8.17 Student Advocacy
8.17.1 Alumni Relations
8.17.2 Students' Union
8.17.3 Ombuds Office
8.18 Student Identification Cards
8.19 Postal Service Interruption
9. Partners in Education
9.1 Learning Options


10. Governing Council, Faculty,
      Professional Staff, Tutors
11. Student Code of Conduct and
      Right to Appeal Regulations
12. Glossary

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