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7.5 Unwritten/Multiple Examinations

Occasionally, circumstances arise that prevent students from writing their examination on the date requested. When the unwritten examination is returned to Athabasca University, and you request to write it at a later date, this is called a multiple examination. You may reschedule your examination by following these guidelines.

For each request to write, you must complete and submit an Examination Request Form. If you reschedule your new write date within 10 business days after your original write date, but not past your contract end date, you will avoid the multiple examination fee (examination rebooking fees may be assessed by your invigilator).

If you reschedule later, Athabasca University will charge you a multiple examination fee. This fee is levied each time an exam is returned unwritten and is requested again. If you were scheduled to write your examination at Athabasca University Central, Edmonton, or Calgary office, you will be charged a non-refundable rebooking fee, provided the exam is written within 10 days.

Ensure that your invigilator is able to reschedule to the new write date. Your invigilator may assess a cancellation or rebooking fee; however, she or he is under no obligation to reschedule a new write date. Also ensure that the correct fee accompanies the Examination Request Form.

Multiple examinations do not apply to supplemental examinations, which are written as requested.

   Examination rebooking fee
     (Athabasca, Edmonton, or Calgary)
   Multiple examination fee
   Examination Request Form
   Supplemental Examinations


7.5.1 Returning an Unwritten/Multiple Examination

If a student is unable to write the exam, an approved invigilator or an AU-approved invigilation centre must hold the unwritten examination for a period of 10 business days after the scheduled write date. Although it is expected that an AU-approved invigilator or an AU-approved invigilation centre will endeavor to accommodate scheduling changes, neither is under any obligation to reschedule a new write date.

Unwritten examinations must be returned immediately after the expiry of the 10 business-day hold period. If the exam is not being written at one of Athabasca University Central, Edmonton, or Calgary offices, it is expected that the AU-approved invigilator or AU-approved invigilation centre will initiate the return process on the next business day following the expiry of the 10 business-day hold period.


· email Examination Services Unit, Office of the Registrar
· refer to Section 7.2 Requesting an Examination


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