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Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting
Course Regulations and Procedures

Course Delivery

All Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting (GDLD) courses are delivered by individualized study; a self-directed learning environment. Students will communicate with their course instructor via internal Moodle mail (AU's learning management system) and send assignments over the Internet. Computer conferencing may be used as part of the learning environment. Learners will require access to a computer with configurations and software as outlined in the computer requirements. As instructional support is provided through an online environment, it is important that students have regular and reliable Internet access.

Courses may be taken year-round, and will begin on the first day of every month. Students will have six months to complete a three-credit course. Course extensions are available.

Registration requests must be received by the GDLD office at least one month before the requested start date.

Course Extensions

Students opting for the individualized-study course have the flexibility to determine their own timelines for completing it within their six-month contract period. Should students experience time problems, they may extend the course contract by submitting a completed Course Extension Request Form, along with the appropriate fees, to the GDLD Office. Individualized-study courses may be extended three times for a period of two months each. Contact the GDLD office for more information on extensions.


In exceptional circumstances, and where the course instructor concurs, students may be assigned a grade of Incomplete (INC). This allows students to take an additional two months to complete and submit the course work. Two months after the original course completion date, a grade will be assigned to the course.

If the required course work has not been submitted, a failing grade of Failure (F) will be assigned.


Students may re-register in a course only if they have received a final grade of 59 per cent or lower, or have withdrawn from the course in good standing. In re-registering, students must complete all course requirements and pay the full course fee. Both the initial registration and the re-registration will appear on the student's transcript.

Course Withdrawals

Students may withdraw from a course up until the contract end date by completing and submitting a Withdrawal Request Form. The date of withdrawal will be the postmark on the request, or if the notice is hand-delivered or faxed, the University date stamp.

If a student withdraws from a course within the first 30 days of the course start date, the record of registration will be deleted from their official transcript (see Refunds below). If a student withdraws from a course after the first 30 days of the course start date but before the contract end date of the course, the official record and transcript will show that the student withdrew without credit and without prejudice or academic penalty and no refund will be issued.

Course Refunds

Students will receive a refund of the full course tuition fee minus the course withdrawal processing fee (refer to Fees) if they withdraw from the course within the first month of the course starts date or before the first day of class.

Grading System

All courses will be graded using the Alpha/4.0 grading scale.

Please review the Graduate Grading Policy and Academic Records FAQ for more information on grading scales.


Information effective September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

Updated January 20 2021 by laurab

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