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Athabasca University

Graduate Health Studies and Nursing
Course Regulations and Procedures

Regulations effective September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

Course Registration

It is the student's responsibility to register by the course registration deadline and ensure that all prerequisite requirements are fulfilled. If a student registers in a course that they are not eligible to take, the registration will be cancelled and the tuition fee refunded. The tuition will not be applied to an alternative course.

NURS 675, 676, and 678 are practicum courses. All clinical practice must be completed in Canada and the student must hold current RN licensure in the province where they are completing their clinical practice program.

If a Preceptor Request Form is not submitted by the appropriate deadline (outlined in the NP Guide), the student will be automatically withdrawn from the corresponding course. Students taking clinical courses are required to submit proof of a criminal record check, respiratory fit testing, and current immunization status, at the student’s expense, before they are accepted as a practicum student. Participating health authorities may require additional documentation.

Course Registration Procedures

Log in at the Office of the Registrar Online Services site and select "Register for a Course."

NOTE: Online registration services are only available during the eight-week period before the registration deadline (see Academic Schedule)

For other forms of registration, please contact the Faculty of Health Disciplines.

Course Re-registration

Students will be permitted one registration and one re-registration in each course. Courses for which students withdraw from prior to the start date or within the first 30 days of the course start date will not count towards this total. Subsequent registrations in the same course require approval of the appropriate graduate Program Director, or designate.

Students may not re-register in a course in which they have attained a passing grade. Students seeking to re-register in a course from which they have previously withdrawn in good standing or received a final course grade of F must pay the full course tuition fee. Students re-registering in a course will be required to complete all course requirements. Assignments completed previously cannot be carried forward or re-submitted when re-registering in a course. Practicum hours in the NP program must be repeated in full when re-registering in NURS 675, 676, and/or 678.

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a course up until one month before the end of the session (refer to the current Academic Schedule). In order to withdraw from a course, students must submit a Graduate Course Withdrawal Form (PDF) to their program office. The date of withdrawal will be the date of the emailed form.

Learners who withdraw from a course any time after their course registration is finalized and up until the early withdrawal deadline (one month after the course start date) will have the record of registration deleted from their official transcript and will be refunded the course tuition less the course withdrawal processing fee. Course materials should not be returned as there will be no additional refund.

Learners who withdraw from a course after the first month of the course start date and before the last month of the course will have their official record and transcript indicate that they withdrew without credit, and without prejudice or academic penalty (W). No fees will be refunded for students withdrawing after the first month of a course.

Learners may not withdraw from a course within 30 days of the final day of the course.

A learner will only be allowed to withdraw from a core course two times (non-medical) before being asked to leave the program. Continued enrolment and withdrawing from a course—in particular a core course—is interpreted as the inability to successfully meet the academic requirements of the program.

Course Extensions

In exceptional circumstances, and where the course instructor concurs, students can receive a one-month extension to complete and submit their course work.

Students must receive written permission from the appropriate graduate Program Director, or designate, to extend their course, and must submit Extension Request Form and the course extension fee. One month after the original course completion date, a final grade will be assigned to the course based on the assignments completed prior to that date. If no assignments have been submitted, a final grade of F will be assigned.

Thesis Continuations

Thesis students will be permitted one continuation of up to 12 months in which to complete course requirements of MHST/NURS 719, and one continuation of up to 12 months in which to complete course requirements of MHST/NURS 720. A continuation fee equivalent to one 3-credit course registration will apply to each continuation.

For each continuation, students must obtain the approval of their thesis supervisor and must submit the Thesis Continuation Request form and the continuation fee.

Grading System

With the exception of MHST/NURS 719, 720, 695, 696 and NURS 000, 675, 676, 678 which are graded on a pass/fail basis, all CNHS graduate nursing course assignments will be graded using a percentage system. A minimum of C- (60 per cent) is required to pass any course, however, students must achieve a B- (70 per cent) overall average to graduate.

All final course percentage grades are converted and recorded on student transcripts according to the Alpha/4.0 grading scale.

Please review the Graduate Grading Policy and Academic Records FAQ for more information on grading scales.

Late Assignments

Late assignments may be penalized five percent for each day that they are late. Late assignments will not be accepted after five days unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been discussed with the instructor before the assignment deadline and the instructor has agreed to extend the deadline.

Transfer Credit and Letter of Permission

Students wishing to take graduate courses from other institutions and/or wishing to transfer graduate credit from coursework completed at other institutions may apply to receive credit towards the completion of a CNHS graduate program for up to a combined total of 15 credits.

Letter of Permission to Complete a Course at Another University

Students enrolled in CNHS programs may take up to five graduate-level courses (15 credits) from other post-secondary institutions in fulfillment of the program requirements, provided such courses are applicable to the CNHS program. Students are not normally permitted to seek credit for core program courses from other institutions.

Students wishing to take courses from other institutions must obtain and submit a detailed course outline, Letter of Permission Request Form, and the appropriate Letter of Permission fee to the Faculty of Health Disciplines office for review. If approved, the Office of the Registrar will issue a Letter of Permission.

Students may take courses through the Western Dean's Agreement and submit a form through the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

To allow for the paperwork, requests for a Letter of Permission or a Western Dean's Agreement course should be made at least one month before the registration deadline at the institution where the student plans to complete the course. To receive credit for the course, an official transcript must be submitted to the CNHS office after the course is completed.

Transfer Credit

Some students may have completed course work at other post-secondary institutions that is applicable to the CNHS graduate programs. Students seeking transfer credit are required to submit to the CNHS a written request including supporting rationale, official transcripts (if these were not submitted in support of their application for admission), detailed course descriptions and outlines for such courses, and appropriate fees.

Transfer Credit Application Information

The Program Director will review such work to determine if the student should be awarded transfer credit and/or "not to takes" for specific courses in the student's CNHS program. Only graduate-level courses that were successfully completed with a final grade of B (75 per cent, or 3.0 on a 4-point scale) or higher within the last 10 years will be considered for transfer credit. Students may apply for transfer credit for up to 15 credits of graduate study from other post-secondary institutions in fulfillment of the program requirements. Transfer credit for 500-level courses in the NP program must have been completed in the past 5 years.

Stale Dating of Courses

CNHS Clinical courses (NURS 518, 522, 524, 526, 527, 528, 530, 531, 675, 676, 678) will be stale dated five years after completion in the MN: NP program. These courses will not be stale dated in the MN or MHS program.

CNHS Theory courses (i.e. all courses except those listed above) will not be stale dated; this applies for the MHS, MN: NP and MN: Generalist programs.

Grade Appeals

A student may appeal any grade assigned to written assignments or participation that contribute to the student’s final course grade. If appealing a grade assigned to group work, the entire group must submit the appeal and the entire group will receive the subsequent outcome of the remark. Appeals must be submitted within 30 days from the time that the students receive the mark for the assignment being appealed.

Face-to-face class presentations and demonstration examinations that cannot be reproduced in original format are not open to appeal on substantive grounds. The student shall determine whether the grounds of their appeal are substantive or procedural and follow the appropriate guidelines.

Academic Grade Appeals on Substantive Grounds

The student shall FIRST contact the course instructor who assigned the grade to discuss the grade in question. If the student is dissatisfied with the outcome of the meeting with the Course Instructor, the student shall forward the Appeal Request Form and provide the reason for the appeal as well as include all additional information or documentation you wish to have considered to the Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant, CNHS.

The graduate Program Chair will review submitted documentation and determine if there are grounds for an appeal. If so, the Program Chair, or designate, will forward the written assignment/examination to a second marker who is familiar with the course and assignment/examination expectations, but who is unaware of the grade originally assigned to the assignment/examination or the feedback of the original marker provided.

The assignment/examination will be remarked and the grade awarded communicated to the student within one (1) month of the request for remarking. The appeal of a grade, and subsequent remarking, will result in one of three possible outcomes: (1) the grade remains the same; (2) the grade is raised; (3) the grade is lowered. The resulting grade will be the grade that is used to calculate the student’s final, composite grade in the course whether that grade is higher, lower, or the same.

If the student is dissatisfied with the result of the remarking, the student may appeal in writing to the Dean, Faculty of Health Disciplines, within one (1) month of the second marking. The student must specify in detail the reasons for making the appeal and enclose all additional information or documentation they wishes to be considered. The Dean shall review the case, consulting as needed with faculty, staff, the student concerned, and other persons they consider appropriate.

The Dean shall inform the student in writing of the decision within one (1) month of the appeal. The Dean’s decision of an appeal on substantive academic grounds shall be final. A copy of the correspondence will be kept in the student’s file.

Academic Appeal on Procedural Grounds

For information related to appeals on procedural grounds please consult with the Program Director, or reference the Athabasca University Calendar Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeal Regulations.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2020 to Aug. 31, 2021.

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