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Athabasca University

Graduate Diploma in Architecture
Program Regulations

The Graduate Diploma in Architecture (GDA) will allow students to build on the principles and skills attained in the BSc Arch degree. Accordingly, students will explore advances in environmental design and urban theory, as well as management theory and practice. As this is a graduate program, students are required to complete an independent project and submission of a diploma comprehensive project report.

Note: Syllabus students may only take face to face studios (these have the designation "RAIC"). Non-Syllabus students take virtual studios (these have the designation ADST).

Total credits in program 27 credits
Design Studio Workshop 12 credits
Note: The studios below with the RAIC course codes are offered to Syllabus students through RAIC. The studios and courses below with the "ADST" and "ARCH" course codes are offered through Athabasca University.
ADST 655 Comprehensive Design of Complex Buildings
RAIC 655 Comprehensive Design of Complex Buildings 3 credits
ADST 675 Urban and Environmental Design
RAIC 675 Urban and Environmental Design 3 credits
ADST 690 Diploma Project
RAIC 690 Syllabus Diploma Project 6 credits
Technical Courses 9 credits
This suite of courses will examine the advanced technical aspects of architectural design.
ARCH 525 Architectural Design: Lighting 3 credits
ARCH 526 Architectural Design: Acoustics 3 credits
ARCH 527 Architectural Design: Building Systems 3 credits
Professional Practice Courses 6 credits
ARCH 645 Architectural Practice in Canada 3 credits
ARCH 655 Architectural Practice in Management 3 credits

Program Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from the Graduate Diploma in Architecture (GDA) program by submitting their request in writing to the program director. Students who withdraw may be re-enrolled in the program by following the application procedures. Students requesting re-admission to the program will be competing against all other applicants and will not receive special consideration.

Completion Time Limits

Students must complete the GDA program within five years.

Information effective September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

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