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Athabasca University

Program General Information

Regulations effective September 1, 2015.

4.1.3 Program Undergraduate Degree GPA and
Graduation with Distinction or Great Distinction

All Athabasca University students who graduate with an undergraduate degree and who have successfully completed a minimum of 24 credits at AU, are automatically considered for graduation with distinction or great distinction recognition. All completed AU courses taken as part of the undergraduate degree program in which the student is registered will be used in the program GPA calculation including unsuccessful course attempts.

For courses that are repeated, the highest grade achieved will be used in the program GPA calculation.

Courses excluded from the GPA calculation are:

  • Transfer courses (courses for which transfer credit has been awarded)
  • Courses using a pass/fail grading scheme
  • Courses with a grade of W (Withdrawal) or WF (Withdrawal Failure), both without academic penalty
  • Courses considered extra to the degree
  • Credits awarded for Prior Learning Accreditation and Recognition (PLAR)
  • Non-credit courses and courses with no grades.

For more information on graduating with distinction or great distinction, reference the Undergraduate Grading Policy.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2015 to Aug. 31, 2016.

Updated July 30 2015 by laurab

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