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  Regulations effective September 1, 2009  
8. Student Academic Appeals Committee Written Appeal


A written appeal can be sent via a formal letter to the Chair of the Student Academic Appeals Committee by fax, by post or by email.


Appeals to the Student Academic Appeals Committee can be addressed as follows:

Chair, Student Academic Appeals Committee
c/o Office of the Registrar
1 University Drive
Athabasca, AB  T9S 3A3

Fax: (780) 675-6174


8.2 All appeals to the Student Academic Appeals Committee should be addressed to the Chair of the committee and contain the following information:
a.  The student's (appellant's) name
b.  The appellant's student ID number
c.  The appellant's return mailing address
d.  What is being appealed.  If the appeal is in relation to a grade, then the course name and number must be included. If the appeal is in relation to a policy, then the policy must be identified.
e.  Full details regarding the grounds for appeal and copies of all supporting documents.
f.  The signature of the appellant. If the appeal is being sent by email, it must be sent as a PDF attachment and contain the appellant's signature.

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