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About Athabasca University

Athabasca University offers students high quality, post-secondary education using online and print-based learning resources. Course instruction centers on resources developed by a team of subject matter experts and enhanced by qualified tutors in a supportive distance learning environment.

At the heart of the University's philosophy is excellence, openness, flexibility, and innovation. Flexible learning means our students can start courses throughout the year, and study at home, work, or wherever they find themselves. Most of our students study year round.
Athabasca University also has transfer arrangements with universities across Canada. This enables visiting students to transfer courses from Athabasca University to their home institution.

We encourage you to achieve your personal learning goals. Many of our undergraduate students go on to compete successfully with others for graduate level education at Athabasca University and other institutions across North America.

For a quick overview, use the timeline tool to select a specific Athabasca University student experience.

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1.1.1 Our Courses

At Athabasca University you will set your own study schedule using the learning resources provided by the University. Each course is unique, prepared by a team of authors, editors, designers, and print production specialists. Most courses and programs at Athabasca University are offered through a combination of print-based and online material, with many courses offered almost entirely online.

The type and amount of online activity varies among courses from participating in computer conferencing to developing student website projects and accessing learning materials in electronic format. Most courses use texts and student manuals, and may include a variety of online components—streamed audio or video components, online quizzes and exams, chatrooms, asynchronous and synchronous learning activities—all designed to help meet the learning objectives of each course.

Start Dates

At Athabasca University, courses begin the first day of each month provided you register by the 10th day of the previous month. You will have six months to complete zero-, one-, three-, or four-credit courses and 12 months to complete six-credit courses. Course extensions are available for a fee per extension.

   Course Extensions

Tutor/Learning Facilitator

You will be assigned a tutor or a learning facilitator who will assist you throughout the period of active registration in your course. Grouped study courses, the University's term for traditional classroom study, are ideal for learners who prefer the structure of a classroom and the support of other students.

   Grouped study courses


1.1.2   Online Calendar

This is Athabasca University's official 2009-2010 online Calendar. The print and online Calendars are very similar in content and you may reference either source. Both Calendars have the same effective dates: September 1, 2009 to August 31, 2010. In the event of any discrepancies between this official online Calendar and its print publication counterpart, the online Calendar will apply.


1.1.3  What's New

Athabasca University experiences steady growth, both in student enrolments and in the development of new courses and programs.

In order to satisfy the growing student demand for online and distance university learning opportunities, Athabasca University continues to develop new diplomas and certificate programs.

   New courses

1.1.4  Information Centre

Athabasca University's Information Centre provides one point of contact for all telephone inquiries. You may phone the Information Centre toll-free from anywhere in Canada or the United States, at 1.800.788.9041. If the Information Centre attendant can't answer your question, he or she will forward your call to the appropriate person.

Ask AU will provide you a quick answer to most general questions about Athabasca University. If the answer cannot be provided, your query will be forwarded to the appropriate department.


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