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University Certificate in Public Administration
Regulations effective September 1, 2006

Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

The University Certificate in Public Administration is designed for students who want to learn about administration at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government. Students in this program take courses in such areas as public finance, budgeting, economics, public policy, legal studies, and industrial relations. Students may find this certificate useful to enter or re-enter the job market, to change careers, or for promotion in the public sector.

Students holding a Bachelor of Administration or a degree in Public Administration (or a similar area, e.g., Economics or Political Science) may not enrol in the University Certificate in Public Administration program.

Athabacsa University advisors have developed a Program Plan.

  Total credits in the program
  Required credits 30
  Residency requirement. A minimum of 15 credits must be obtained through Athabasca University 15
  Maximum Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) credits None permitted
  General certificate regulations

Required Courses (Select 30 credits from the following)

Students should register in ADMN 232, POLI 277, and POLI 309 before choosing other courses in the list.
This will ensure that all prerequisites have been completed.

ADMN 232 Administrative Principles (3)
ECON 247 Microeconomics (3)
ECON 248 Macroeconomics (3)
GOVN 390 Public Policy and Administrative Governance (3)
GOVN 403 Public Policy in a Global Era (3)
GOVN 450 Public Budgeting and Financial Management in a Globalized World
IDRL 312 Industrial Relations: A Critical Introduction (3)
LGST 331 Administrative Law (3)
LGST 369 Commercial Law (3)
POLI 277 Introduction to Political Science I: Concepts, Structures, and Institutions (3)
POLI 309 Canadian Government and Politics (3)



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