In BIOL 345 Ecology, students study the interactions of organisms with their environments. To learn more about BIOL 345, the relationships between organisms and their abiotic environments, as well as aquatic and terrestrial biomes, review the course syllabus.

Our courses are available by distance learning (course materials are shipped to you) or your course may be accessed online.

Before you register in a course, please review the extensive list of course syllabi.

The payment of course fees entitles you to receive much of the course's learning resources. Learning resources include, but are not limited to, texts, student manuals, study guides, tutorial assistance where provided, and other instructional materials required to complete the course for the period of active registration.

Miscellaneous fees for small items such as binders, calculators, home lab materials, etc., may be associated with many Athabasca University courses, and are the responsibility of the student.

For more information about registering in a course, please review Section 6.

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