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Undergraduate Calendar 2010|11

General Information

1. General Information

Athabasca University offers students high quality, post-secondary education using online and print-based learning resources. Course instruction centers on resources developed by a team of subject matter experts and enhanced by qualified tutors in a supportive distance learning environment.

At the heart of the University’s philosophy is excellence, openness, flexibility, and innovation. Flexible learning means our students can start courses throughout the year, and study at home, work, or wherever they find themselves. Most of our students study year round. Athabasca University also has transfer arrangements with universities across Canada. This enables visiting students to transfer courses from Athabasca University to their home institution.

We encourage you to achieve your personal learning goals. Many of our undergraduate students go on to compete successfully with others for graduate level education at Athabasca University and other institutions across North America.

For a quick overview, use the timeline tool to select a specific Athabasca University student experience.

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Information effective Sept. 1, 2010 to Aug. 31, 2011.

Updated December 09, 2011