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Undergraduate Calendar 2010|11

Student Identification Cards

General Information

1.9 Student Identification Cards

1.9.1 Active Students

If you are currently an active Athabasca University student, you can request a photo student identification (SID) card that will confirm your name, identification number, and the academic year in which the card was produced.

You will be issued one card only. To update the card annually, you must be an active student, and request a date sticker from the Office of the Registrar, AU Edmonton, or AU Calgary.

1.9.2 Nursing Students

Nursing students are now able to request a wearable ID card for identification purposes in healthcare facilities. It is available for Bachelor of Nursing students and Advanced Nursing Practice students.

The Nursing Student cards are valid for two years. Before the end of the two years, it is your responsibility to reapply for your nursing card and submit a new photo.

1.9.3 Photo Requirements

The cards are issued using a photograph taken by an Athabasca University staff member whenever possible. If this is not possible, you can supply your own digital photo accompanied by a copy of your driver’s licence, or a passport photo. The back of either photo submitted must be signed by a guarantor who can attest to your identity. Examples of a guarantor are listed on the print and online SID forms.

Photos can be taken by staff at the Office of the Registrar in Athabasca, AU Edmonton, or AU Calgary. All ID cards will be mailed to the current address the student has on file with the University.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2010 to Aug. 31, 2011.

Updated December 09, 2011