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7. Appeals


Students may appeal any ruling by the Assistant Registrar, Admissions, or a Program Director, to the Registrar or designate (as Chair of the Student Academic Appeals Committee) by following the procedures established by that committee and set out in the Student Academic Appeals Committee Policy.


7.1   Time Limits for Initiation of Appeals

A student who is appealing a ruling is required to submit his/her written documentation within thirty (30) days of receipt, or deemed receipt, of the letter from the Assistant Registrar, Admissions; Program Director; or Vice-President, Academic, advising the student of the findings and penalty imposed. At this time the student may view the file upon request. Any additions to that file during the appeal process will be made available to the student who has requested access to the file.


7.2   Grounds for Appeal

The student may appeal the decision based upon denial of the offence and/or severity of the penalty.


7.3   Student Academic Appeals Committee

The Student Academic Appeals Committee shall consider the appeal in accordance with the procedures the Committee establishes, and shall render a decision confirming, reversing, or modifying the decision appealed. The Student Academic Appeals Committee may substitute, rescind, or vary any penalty imposed, as it sees fit.


7.4   Further Appeals

The decision of the Student Academic Appeals Committee shall be final and binding upon the University and the student.


7.5 Submitting Your Appeal

All appeals must be made in writing to:

Athabasca University
Student Academic Appeals Committee
1 University Drive
Athabasca, AB
T9S 3A3



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