Undergraduate Programs


Each year, all AU students who receive graduate or undergraduate degrees are invited to attend convocation ceremonies in June. Refer to Section 6.20 Convocation.



When you are ready to enrol in a program, complete and submit the Undergraduate General Application Form to Athabasca University.

Within two to three weeks, you will receive a letter welcoming you to the University and confirming receipt of your application form.

Students may not enrol in an Athabasca University undergraduate or graduate program while they are enrolled in a program at another post-secondary institution. Those students may take courses as unclassified/visiting students until they have either completed or withdrawn from the other program.

Please use the tables below to
explore our undergraduate programs. Graduate programs are also available online.

   Application Form (New students)
   myAU (Returning students)

3.1    Admissions Policy
         Time to Complete a Degree
3.1.1 Enrolling in a Program
3.1.2 Program Planning
3.1.3 Learning Outcomes
3.1.4 Program GPA and Graduation
         with Distinction or Great

3.1.5 Counselling and Advising          Services
3.1.6 French Language Recognition
3.1.7 Student Resources


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Bachelor of Arts (3-year) Anthropology Concentration
English Concentration

French Concentration


History Concentration


Humanities Concentration


Information Systems Concentration


Labour Studies Concentration


Political Economy Concentration


Political Science Concentration


Psychology Concentration


Sociology Concentration


Women Studies Concentration

Bachelor of Arts (4-year) Anthropology Major
Canadian Studies Major

English Major


French Major


History Major


Humanities Major


Information Systems Major


Labour Studies Major


Political Economy Major


Political Science Major


Psychology Major


Sociology Major


Women's Studies Major

Bachelor of Commerce (4-year) Bachelor of Commerce (4-year)
Accounting Major

E-Commerce Major


Financial Services Major

Bachelor of Commerce (4-year Post Diploma) Bachelor of Commerce  
  (4-year Post Diploma)
Accounting Major (Post Diploma)

E-Commerce Major (Post Diploma)


Financial Services Major (Post Diploma)


Bachelor of General Studies

Bachelor of Health Administration
Bachelor of Health Administration (Post Diploma)

Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations (Post Diploma)


Bachelor of Management (3-year)


Bachelor of Management (3-year Post Diploma)

Bachelor of Management (4-year) Bachelor of Management
Marketing Major

Human Resources Management Major

  bulletIndigenous Nations and Organizations
Bachelor of Management
  (4-year Post Diploma)
Bachelor of Management
  (4-year Post Diploma)
Marketing Major (Post Diploma)

Human Resources
  Management Major (Post Diploma)

Bachelor of Nursing Post-RN BN Program
Post-LPN BN Program

Bachelor of Nursing - Athabasca
  University at Mount Royal College

Bachelor of Professional Arts Common Core Courses
Communication Studies Major

Criminal Justice Major


Governance, Law and
   Management Major


Human Services Major

Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science

Human Science Major

Bachelor of Science (Post Diploma)  Bachelor of Science (Post Diploma)

Human Science Major (Post Diploma)


Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems (Post Diploma)

University Diploma in Arts

University Diploma in Inclusive Education

General Regulations

University Certificate in Accounting

University Certificate in Advanced Accounting

University Certificate in Administration

University Certificate in Career Development

University Certificate in Computers and Management
   Information Systems

University Certificate in Computing and Information Systems

University Certificate in Counselling Women

University Certificate in e-Commerce

University Certificate in English Language Studies

University Certificate in Financial Services

University Certificate in French Language Proficiency

University Certificate in Health Development Administration

University Certificate in Heritage Resources Management

University Certificate in Human Resources and Labour Relations

University Certificate in Labour Studies

University Certificate in Management Applications

University Certificate in Management Foundations

University Certificate in Marketing

University Certificate in Public Administration


English Language Proficiency Program


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