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6.7 Prerequisites

Prerequisites ensure that you have the required background to successfully complete your course. Ensure that you have met all prerequisite and corequisite course requirements in accordance with the Prerequisite Declaration Form (on the reverse of the print Course Registration Form) or online.

   Undergraduate Course Registration Form (PDF)
   Undergraduate Course Registration Form (HTML)


6.7.1 Professor Approval

If you feel that a prerequisite should be waived for non-academic reasons (e.g., work experience), you must contact the course professor with the authority to waive the prerequisite before you register. If you did not complete the prerequisite through Athabasca University, you must ensure that the Prerequisite Waiver Declaration Form (see above) has been completed.

  Undergraduate Course Registration Form (PDF)
  Undergraduate Course Registration Form (HTML)

Next, submit that form, along with your Course Registration Form, either online or in print, to

    Athabasca University
    Registrations Unit
    Office of the Registrar
    1 University Drive,
    Athabasca, AB T9S 3A3.

  • Students who register in a course that is a prerequisite to a second course, must obtain professor approval before their registration in the second course can be processed.
  • Before registering in courses designated as “reading courses”, you must contact the course professor to obtain registration approval.
  • Some courses require professor approval and other course-related prerequisites. Failure to obtain these preregistration requirements will result in your registration being delayed or refused.



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