Biology professor, Dr. Robert Holmberg, examines the structure and life processes of plants during a grouped lab near Athabasca University.

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Reference section 3.0 Undergraduate Programs, if you are looking for full programs rather than individual courses.

Course Fees and Materials

The payment of course fees entitles students to receive most learning resources. Learning resources include, but are not limited to, texts, student manuals, study guides, tutorial assistance where provided, and other instructional materials required to complete the course for the period of active registration.

Miscellaneous fees for small items such as binders, calculators, home lab materials, etc., may be associated with many AU courses, and are the responsibility of the student.

Course Start Dates

All of AU's individualized-study courses have start dates and contract (end) dates. These courses always begin on the first day of a month.

The start date is also the first day that you may contact your tutor. Your contract date is the last day of your individualized-study course. Course contract dates always fall on the last day of a month. All of your course work, including assignments, quizzes, and exams, must be completed before the contract date.

Grouped-study or e-Class® courses follow similar timelines as other traditional university courses and usually begin in September and January. These courses generally last 13 weeks (3 credit) and 26 weeks (6 credit).

Course Availability

An AU course may occasionally be unavailable because it is being revised or the learning resources may be temporarily depleted. Please confirm the course is available before you register by referencing the Course Availability Web site.

Challenge for Credit

If you believe that you have already obtained the competencies presented in a particular course, you may challenge it. Not all AU courses may be challenged. The Office of the Registrar maintains a list of courses that are available for challenge and each course syllabus notes its challenge status.

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