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9. Time Limits for Appeals

The time limits contained in this policy are mandatory and must be adhered to. Failure by a student to submit an appeal within the limits set out herein shall result in the student forfeiting the right to appeal, subject only to the sole discretion of the Registrar, or designate, who may extend the time limit for processing an appeal of a student where such extension is considered appropriate under the circumstances.

Failure to initiate a complaint within the time permitted in this policy, or failure on the part of the University to process a complaint within the above stated limits, shall not necessarily invalidate the complaint or the proceedings under this policy. The Registrar, or designate, may provide for extensions of time limits whenever considered appropriate, and upon any condition deemed necessary for granting of the extension.



Approved by
Academic Council (Motion 75.9) 19 September, 1989


Amended Date/Motion No.
Academic Council (Motion 185-15) November 3, 2004 (Revised)
Academic Council (Motion 147-22) January 27, 1999 (Revised) 
Athabasca University Governing Council (Motion 125-4) December 16, 1998
Academic Council (Motion 134-8) January 22, 1997 (Revised)
July 7, 1993 (Revised)
March 20, 1990 (Revised)
Academic Council, November 19, 1991 (Revised)

Related References, Policies, and Procedures
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Applicable Legislation/Regulation
Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Section 42(1) (a) and (b) of the Post Secondary Learning Act (R.S.A., 1980, c. U-5)
Section 46(1) (c) of the Post Secondary Learning Act (R.S.A., 1980, c. U-5)
Section 42(1) (b) of the Post Secondary Learning Act (R.S.A., 1980, c. U-5)



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