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7.7 Challenge for Credit Examinations

When the challenge for credit process involves an invigilated examination, most exam regulations described in this section apply, except Supplemental Examinations and Unwritten/Multiple Examinations.

Challenge for credit examinations are completed at an Examination Centre approved by Athabasca University. Before you complete and submit your Examination Request Form, consult your invigilator and inform Examination Services, Office of the Registrar of the date you wish to write.

Most students are required to write their challenge exam or evaluation within three months of registering in a challenge course. You are allowed one attempt to write a challenge exam or evaluation. Cancellation or failure to complete all components of a challenge evaluation will result in a failing grade.

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· email Examination Services, Office of the Registrar
· refer to Section 7.2 Requesting an Examination.

7.7.1 Grades and Appeals

Challenge for credit courses are recorded as challenge courses on your transcript. Most challenge courses are subject to the same grade scheme as the individualized study version of the course. To view the grade scheme of a course you wish to challenge, refer to the course syllabus.

If you fail your challenge for credit course examination, or you fail to complete all the components of the challenge evaluation, you may not challenge that course again. If you do not complete the course within the contract period, you will be assigned a failing grade. You are permitted only one registration in each challenge for credit course. In order to receive credit for a failed challenge course, you must register in and successfully complete the course by the traditional method.

All challenge for credit grade appeals are subject to an appeals process described in Athabasca University's Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeal Regulations.

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