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7.3 Examination Centres

Students can write their examinations at Athabasca University buildings in Athabasca, Edmonton, or Calgary, Alberta. In addition, a Canada-wide Examination Invigilation Network has been established that comprises many post-secondary institutions.

If you wish to write your examination at a location other than Athabasca University or any of the listings in the Examination Invigilation Network, you must write at an accredited post-secondary institution such as a community college or a technical institute. If a college or technical institute is not accessible, you may write your examination at an educational institution such as a high school or library, provided it is approved by Examination Services Unit, Office of the Registrar.

If none of these options is available, review Section 7.4 Invigilators.

  Canada-wide Examination Invigilation Network
  Writing at Athabasca University, Edmonton
  Writing at Athabasca University, Calgary
  Centres Outside Canada

7.3.1 Arrive on Time!

Arrive promptly for your examination. Latecomers can be extremely disruptive to other students writing examinations.  If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled examination, and you have not notified your exam invigilator in advance, you should try to rebook your examination within five business days. Depending on where you write, you may be charged an exam rebooking fee (payable at Athabasca, Edmonton, and Calgary, Alberta).

After the five business-day hold period, the unwritten examination is returned to Athabasca University. If and when you request the exam again, it is described as a multiple examination.

Whenever possible, Athabasca University will accommodate moderately late arrivals; however, you will risk being interrupted if others leave the room before you are finished writing your examination.   Allowing additional time may not always be possible.

If you think you might be late, please inform the institution where you are writing. It will advise you whether or not there is time to write your examination. If you still choose to write with less than the recommended time allowed, this will be noted on your examination in the case of a future appeal.

   Multiple examination fee
   Unwritten/Multiple Examinations

7.3.2 Centres Within Canada

It is preferred that students who live within a 100 km radius of an approved invigilation centre, write their examinations at that centre. Students who live more than 100 km from an exam invigilation centre, may write their exams closer to home provided they arrange for an invigilator who meets specific guidelines and is approved by Athabasca University.

  Examination Invigilation Network


7.3.3 Centres Outside Canada

Athabasca University students who live outside of Canada must write their examination at an approved post-secondary institution or Canadian Embassy, or use an invigilator who meets specific guidelines.

    Invigilator guidelines


7.3.4 Grouped Study Courses

Grouped study students write their examination at the same place, date, and time selected by the course professor unless approval for an exception has been obtained in advance by the Athabasca University course coordinator.

7.3.5 Online Examinations

An increasing number of Athabasca University examinations are completed and submitted online. Your learning resources package will indicate whether the examination(s) for your course are online. If your exam is to be written online, contact your invigilator to ensure that the invigilation centre can accommodate an online examination (i.e., Internet access with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher). Please direct your questions about online examinations to your course tutor or to the School of Business Call Centre.

All other examination regulations apply to online examinations. You must complete and submit the Examination Request Form to Examination Services using the methods described in Section 7.2.8.


7.3.6 Examination Attempt and Examination Time Allotments

Once a student has viewed an examination, unless the wrong examination has been sent to the approved invigilator or approved invigilation centre, the examination will be deemed to have been written or attempted to have been written.

Students must complete their examinations within the time specified on the official invigilation and examination instructions.


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