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1.5 Admission Policy


Athabasca University's general admission policy has one formal undergraduate student entrance requirement: students must be 16 years of age or older. Students under 16 years of age may be admitted with special consideration by petitioning Coordinator, Registration Services. An underage student's admission application form must be accompanied by letters of support from the student's high-school principal or designate, and a parent or guardian.



Returning Students

If you are an active Athabasca University student, please login to myAU.

Once you have logged in to myAU, you may register for more courses, view personal information such as your AU Library account, and your assignment marks, and course grades. You may also take care of administrative matters, such as booking examinations and applying for extensions.

Athabasca University will also communicate directly with you through myAU. Check the Message Centre on your myAU home page for general information and for mail addressed to you. If you are no longer an active student, you may still access myAU and follow the reactivation procedure.


1.5.2 New Students

Athabasca University's admission and registration process is different from other institutions in that students must first be admitted to the University before they may enrol in a program or register in courses.
Students may not enrol in an Athabasca University undergraduate or graduate program while they are enrolled in a program at another post-secondary institution. Those students may take courses as unclassified/visiting students until they have either completed or withdrawn from the other program.

Once you have been admitted to AU, you will receive a student ID number as well as information about myAU, and how to register in courses.

    Undergraduate General Application Form (GAF)
    Course registration and shipping


1.5.3  Past Academic Performance

While past academic performance at other post-secondary institutions does not prevent you from being admitted to Athabasca University, it is considered if you are enrolling in a particular program (e.g., Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Commerce). If you were suspended or dismissed from another post-secondary institution for reasons of academic misconduct, you may be refused admission or enrolment at Athabasca University until the period of suspension or dismissal has elapsed.


1.5.4 Non-Canadian Students

Athabasca University welcomes students from around the world. If you do not hold a Canadian citizenship or you are not a permanent resident of Canada, you are defined as a non-Canadian or international student. Athabasca University's regulations and policies apply to Canadian and non-Canadian students, except the specific valid study authorization details for non-Canadians studying in Canada, which are explained fully in Section 6.


1.5.5 Computer Requirements

Athabasca University has developed standard computer requirements for its students. It is assumed that students have access to a computer, printer, and the Internet. As well, email is the most accepted form of communication with your tutor and other areas of the university. Upon graduation students should have a specific level of computer skills, many of which can be acquired while completing distance learning courses.

Even students who are registered in courses with few online materials will benefit immensely from the research capabilities of a computer and the Internet. Athabasca University's Library and most of our student services resources are based on Internet access. Some courses require more specific hardware and software, and this is noted on the course syllabus.

You are responsible for the computer communications costs, such as long-distance telephone charges and a subscription to an Internet Service Provider, or any other communications service requirement.

    Computer requirements


1.5.6 Student Code of Conduct

Once you have completed and submitted the Undergraduate General Application Form, you have agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of Athabasca University. Your knowledge and acceptance of Athabasca University's academic regulations and procedures is your contract with the University, particularly the Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeal Regulations.

Just as we expect your acceptance of our regulations, you may expect Athabasca University to provide you with a successful university experience. The “Expect the Best” brochure, issued when you are admitted, identifies the service standards to which you are entitled.

We're here to help. If you have difficulty accessing information or if you require clarification on any subject or regulation, please contact the University and your query will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

    Student Code of Conduct and
       Right to Appeal Regulations



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