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Student and Learning Support Services

2.3 Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available to part-time and full-time students from their Provincial financial aid agency. Full- and part-time students may be eligible for loans, grants and bursaries. The amount of loan or bursary varies according to need. For financial aid purposes, full-time status is a minimum of 60 per cent of a full course load over a four month semester. Athabasca University's Financial Aid Advisors should be consulted for clarification regarding full- or part-time status.

The regular course contract dates of six and twelve months are reduced to four and eight months for full-time AU students receiving financial aid. The regular six- and twelve-month contract dates apply to full-time students at other institutions who are taking only one or two courses with AU. All course start dates per semester must be the same. The regulations on course load, course completion requirements and eligibility conditions for the various Provincial Government Agencies are subject to change.

The regulations for funding require that academic progress be monitored. Students with student loans must also consider the minimum course requirements of their loan programs. Typically, this requires a minimum of three, 3-credit courses per four-month funding period in order to maintain your full-time loan status.

2.3.1 How to Apply

Contact your local provincial financial aid agency to obtain information on the application process. Before the financial aid application is completed, you must contact AU and a Financial Aid Advisor will provide you with important information and assistance with the process. This includes the completion of the Loan Study Plan.

You must apply for funding at least four months before your anticipated course start date. Requested dates for funding periods cannot be changed without reassessment of the loan certificate by the particular student financial aid agency.

2.3.2 Student Awards

Athabasca University offers a variety of student awards, scholarships, and bursaries. A complete list of award descriptions can be found online. Please use the Student Awards Finder to assist in your search for awards that may be applicable to your situation.

Website: Student Awards
1.800.788.9041 (ext. 6197)


Information effective Sept. 1, 2018 to Aug. 31, 2019.

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