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Undergraduate Calendar 2013|14

Marketing, 4-year, Post Diploma

Bachelor of Management (Post Diploma) Marketing Major

Regulations effective January 1, 2014.

Athabasca University has developed program learning outcomes that describe the career options that may be available to you upon graduating.

Program Structure
Total credits in the program 120
Block transfer credit for two-year business diploma (excluding Ontario) 60
Block transfer credit for Ontario two-year business diploma     45
Block transfer credit for Ontario three-year business diploma up to 66
Required credits - Years 3 and 4   24
Required Marketing Major credits   9
Residency requirement. A minimum of 30 credits
must be obtained through Athabasca University in senior (300/400 level) courses, including ADMN 404.
Graduation with Distinction or Great Distinction. At least 24 credits must be obtained through Athabasca University in order to be considered. 24
Maximum Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) credit   9

Years 1 and 2 (60 credits)

AU-approved college diploma

Years 3 and 4 (60 credits)

Required Courses (24 credits)
ADMN 417 International Business Management (3)
CMIS 351 Management Information Systems (3)
ECOM 320 Overview of e-Commerce (3)
ECON 401 The Changing Global Economy*

* Students who have taken ECON 301 may not take ECON 401.
FNCE/ECON 300 Financial Economics

FNCE 370 Overview of Corporate Finance
HRMT/ORGB 386 Introduction to Human Resource Management (3)
MGSC 301 Statistics for Business and Economics I*

*strongly recommended

MATH 215 Introduction to Statistics

MATH 216 Computer-oriented Approach to Statistics
ADMN 404 Strategic Management*
  * ADMN 404 must be taken with AU. Transfer credit will not be awarded. ADMN 404 should be taken as the last course in the program.  
Marketing Major Required Courses (9 credits)
MKTG 406 Consumer Behaviour (3)
MKTG 440 Marketing Strategy (3)
MKTG 466 Marketing Research (3)
Options (27 credits)
1. Two other senior marketing courses (6)
2. Non "Business and Administrative Studies" credits with a minimum of 15 credits at the senior (300/400) level. Students must select nine credits (three courses) from the critical perspectives courses as outlined for the Bachelor of Management (Post Diploma) General, 120-credit program. (21)


Information effective Jan. 1, 2014 to Aug. 31, 2014.

Updated February 23, 2021