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Undergraduate Calendar 2013|14

Women’s and Gender Studies Concentration

BA Women’s and Gender Studies Concentration

Regulations effective September 1, 2013.

Athabasca University’s Women’s and Gender Studies program is designed to develop or expand your knowledge of the established field of women’s studies and the emerging field of gender studies. You will have the opportunity to engage with a range of feminist theories, concepts, history, methodologies, research, and activism, and discover how they inform the diverse lives and experiences of women across cultures.

Athabasca University has developed program learning outcomes that describe the career options that may be available to you upon graduating. Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

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Requirements in addition to the general program requirements for the 3-year BA with Concentration:

  1. A minimum of 36 credits in concentration courses including a minimum of 24 senior (300 or 400) level credits.
  2. 3 junior (200) level credits in WGST 266 Thinking From Women’s Lives: An Introduction to Women’s Studies.
  3. 12 credits selected from courses labelled WGST.
  4. A minimum of 21 credits selected from the following designated Women’s and Gender Studies concentration electives:
    ANTH 375 The Anthropology of Gender (3)
    ENGL 307 Women in Literature (3)
    HIST 499 The History of the Family in Western Europe: From the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution (3)
    INST 358 Aboriginal Women in Canada (3)
    LBST 331 Women, Workers, and Farmers: Histories of North American Popular Resistance (3)
    LGST 390 Women, Equality and the Law (3)
    POLI 350 Women in Canadian Politics (3)
    POLI 383 Canadian Political Economy in a Global Era (3)
    PSYC 345 The Psychology of Women (3)
    PSYC 347 Introduction to Feminist Counselling (3)
    SOAN 384 The Family in World Perspective (3)
    SOCI 316 Sociology of the Family (3)
    SOCI 321 Sociology of Work and Industry (3)
    WGST All courses  












Information effective Sept. 1, 2013 to Aug. 31, 2014.

Updated August 08, 2013