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Undergraduate Calendar 2012|13

Grouped Study Courses


5.2.2 Grouped Study Courses

Grouped study courses, the University’s term for traditional classroom study, appeal to those who enjoy the discipline of a schedule and the support of other students and an instructor in a classroom setting.

Grouped study courses generally last four months for three- or four-credit courses, or eight months for six-credit courses, and are delivered in classrooms at partner institutions.

These courses follow study schedules and timelines associated with traditional university semesters; for example, students who begin a course in September will finish it in December. The official start and end dates match regular semesters. Students in grouped study courses are not eligible for course extensions.

Not all courses identified as grouped study in the print and online Calendars are available every year. It is important that you check the following websites to confirm the course is available at a specific location.

You may also phone Learning Services Collaborations at 780.421.3284 to determine whether the course of interest is available by grouped study at a specific location. For more information about partnership courses, degrees, and transfer credit, please refer to the following websites. Registration Process – Grouped Study

You will register in person at the partner institution that offers the Athabasca University course or use the grouped study course registration form specific to the institution at which the course is being offered. Registration Deadlines

Year-round registration is not available for grouped study courses. Because of scheduling restrictions, the courses are generally offered at selected sites and times. Course availability is dependent upon the number of registrations. Learning resources are generally distributed to students at the first group session. Courses offered at another institution may have different fees and regulations. Please consult the collaborating institution that offers the course.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2011 to Aug. 31, 2012.

Updated May 07, 2012