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  Regulations effective September 1, 2009  
7. Appeals of Penalties Arising from the Academic Misconduct Policy


The Student Academic Misconduct Policy provides rights and procedures for appeal to the Student Academic Appeals Committee.

An appeal from the assignment of a penalty for academic misconduct can be based on the following:

a.  denial that the offence occurred, or
b.  the appellant believes the assigned penalty is too severe.
  The appeal on the assignment of penalties from the Student Academic Misconduct Policy shall result in one of three possible outcomes:
a.  the penalty remains the same,
b.  the penalty is altered to one that is either less or more severe in nature, or
c.  the penalty is rescinded.
7.1 Step One – Consult Policy

  Appellants who wishes to avail themselves of these rights are expected to be familiar with the policy in question and must follow the procedures for appeal as outlined below.

arrowAcademic Misconduct Policy and Disciplinary Procedures

7.2 Step Two – Appeal to Student Academic Appeals Committee


An Appellant may appeal a penalty by submitting a letter of appeal to the Chair of the Student Academic Appeals Committee within thirty (30) days of receiving notification of the decision. This letter must specify in detail the reasons for making a further appeal and the remedy the Appellant is seeking.

The Chair shall review the case, consulting with staff, faculty, the Appellant concerned, or any other person considered appropriate, providing it is practical to do so. The Chair shall then present the appeal to the Student Academic Appeals Committee for consideration and review.

The Chair may:

a.  present the appeal to the Student Academic Appeals Committee for consideration and review, or
b.  decline to proceed if sufficient grounds have not been established.

In cases where the appeal has been presented to the Student Academic Appeals Committee for consideration and review, the committee may consult with the Appellant if desired or delegate the Chair to consult with the Appellant in the event the Appellant is not available at the time of the committee's review of the appeal. The Chair shall inform the Appellant, in writing, of the Committee's decision within thirty (30) days of receiving the appeal. The decision of the Committee is final.



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