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  Regulations effective September 1, 2009  
9. Time Limits for Appeals

It is intended that allegations of Academic Misconduct be investigated and addressed quickly, and where reasonably possible the time limits in this Procedure should be met. However, there may be circumstances where more time is required to conduct a thorough investigation, including but not limited to the absence of or inability to contact a complainant, applicant, student, or a necessary witness. Accordingly, the University Officer conducting the Investigation may request an extension of the time limits from the Chair of the Student Academic Appeals Committee, or designate. If the Chair of the Student Academic Appeals Committee, or designate, is of the opinion that an extension of the time limit is reasonably necessary to permit thorough investigation of the allegations, and does not unfairly interfere with the ability of the student to respond to the allegations, he or she may extend the time limits set out in the Procedure. Such an extension may be granted regardless of whether the request is received before or after the expiration of a time limit.



Approved by
Academic Council (Motion 75.9) 19 September, 1989


Amended Date/Motion No.
Academic Council (Motion 217-5) April 29, 2009
Academic Council (Motion 185-15) November 3, 2004 (Revised)
Academic Council (Motion 147-22) January 27, 1999 (Revised) 
Athabasca University Governing Council (Motion 125-4) December 16, 1998
Academic Council (Motion 134-8) January 22, 1997 (Revised)
July 7, 1993 (Revised)
March 20, 1990 (Revised)
Academic Council, November 19, 1991 (Revised)

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Applicable Legislation/Regulation
Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Section 31 (1) (a) and (b) and Section 62 of the Post Secondary Learning Act (2003, c. P-19.5)



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