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  Regulations effective September 1, 2009  
1. General Regulations



Athabasca University is defined by tradition as a community of people dedicated to the pursuit of advancement of knowledge and as a place where there is freedom to teach, and learn, and a concomitant obligation to respect these freedoms when they are exercised by others.

Athabasca University has the right to define the conduct that constitutes an academic offence and to apply whatever disciplinary actions it deems appropriate to deal with these offences. Possible penalties may include action ranging from a reduction in grade for a specific course to revocation of an awarded credential.

Nothing in this policy shall prevent Athabasca University from referring an individual or matter to the appropriate law enforcement agency or commencing legal action against an individual when appropriate.

2. Intellectual Honesty

Intellectual honesty is accepted as the cornerstone of the development and acquisition of knowledge. Since knowledge is cumulative, further advances are predicated on the contributions of others.

In the normal course of scholarship these contributions are apprehended, critically evaluated, and utilized as a foundation for further inquiry. Intellectual honesty demands that the contribution of others be acknowledged. To do less is to cheat. To claim contributions and ideas of another as one's own is to deprive oneself the opportunity and challenge to learn and to participate in the scholarly process of acquisition and development of knowledge.

Therefore, the University insists on intellectual honesty in scholarship. The control of intellectual dishonesty begins with the individual's recognition of the standards of honesty expected and then his/her compliance with those expectations.

3. Academic Offences

Academic offences include:


a. admissions offences


b. plagiarism


c. cheating


d. collusion


e.  unauthorized use of Athabasca University materials


f. misrepresentation of facts and fraud

  g. aiding another in committing an academic offence

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