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6.19 Course Re-registration

At Athabasca University, students are permitted one registration and one re-registration in each individualized study course. You may re-register in an undergraduate course provided you are eligible to register in the current revision and that you have not previously re-registered in the course.

In order to carry forward any completed coursework, you must first obtain written approval from the course professor/course coordinator. Approval to carry forward completed coursework is at the discretion of the course professor/coordinator. To carry the results forward, you must re-register in the course within one year from the course contract end date of your original registration.






You must re-register in the current revision of the course. Contact the University and determine whether the current revision of the course has changed since your original registration. If the current revision has changed from your original registration, you will be required to pay the learning resources fee.




Complete the undergraduate course registration process using one of the following methods:

    a. online (also available via print PDF)

    b. complete and submit the Undergraduate Course Registration Form. Fax: 1.780.675.6174 or mail.

    c. in person at the Athabasca, Edmonton, or Calgary offices.


6.19.1 Requests for Exception

All requests for exception to this policy should be made in writing and directed to the Appeals Officer, Office of the Registrar.

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