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Regulations amended, effective September 1, 2009

The main goal of the BA in Sociology is to introduce students to the basic skills involved in understanding sociological theory and sociological research, and to show how these skills are used in such applied areas of study as crime and deviance, family and gender studies, environmental and health issues, agriculture and food, technology and the information society, race and ethnic relations, organizations and bureaucracies as well as Canadian society and social change.

These courses are designed to enable students to think more reflexively about their own life experiences, and to think more critically and analytically about some of the pressing social and global issues of our age. Many of these courses will also help students to prepare for careers in such professional fields as management, human resource development, marketing, education, nursing, local government, non-government organizations, social work and counselling, law enforcement, urban planning and community development, and family and community services.

Athabasca University has developed program learning outcomes that describe the career options that may be available to you upon graduating. Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

Requirements within the 120 credits required for the four-year BA with major.
A minimum of 45 credits from major courses including a minimum of 30 senior (300 or 400) level credits (including 12, 400-level credits).  
6 junior Sociology credits.  

6 senior credits in sociological theory.

For example:

SOCI 335 Classical Sociological Theory
SOCI 337 Contemporary Sociological Theory (3)

3 senior credits in research methods.

For example

SOSC 366 Research Methods in the Social Sciences

3 senior credits in social organization.

  For example:  
SOCI 300 Organizations and Society:
Making Sense of Modern Organizational Life

SOCI 381 The Sociology of Power and Inequality

Electives (27 credits)

CMNS 385/
SOCI 378
Media Construction of Social Movements and Issues (3)
ENVS 435 Case Studies in Environmental Protection: Popular Education, Community Sustainability, and Global Connections (3)
GLST 308 Americas: An Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean (3)
SOAN 384 The Family in World Perspective (3)
SOCI All courses  
SOSC 366 Research Methods in the Social Sciences (3)



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