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Regulations amended, effective September 1, 2009

As a graduate of Athabasca University's French program, you will attain a sufficient degree of competence in oral and written French to communicate effectively, to analyze texts and to write critical essays. You will have a thorough understanding of the structure of the French language and it's application, including pronunciation, grammar, reading skills and vocabulary usage. The courses in the program will provide you with a knowledge of the literature and culture of France, Quebec, and other Francophone areas and an awareness of the stylistic differences between the French and English languages. Upon completion of the program, you will understand how to conduct further research into the subject matter in order to increase your competence in the study of French language and literature.

Athabasca University has developed program learning outcomes that describe the career options that may be available to you upon graduating. Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

Requirements within the 120 credits required for the BA.
45 credits in French major courses including a minimum of 30 senior (300 or 400) level credits (a minimum of 12, 400-level French credits).

6 junior (200) level credits in French.

For example:

FREN 200

First Year University French I

FREN 201 First Year University French II (3)



6 senior credits in French-Canadian literature in which the language of instruction is French.

For example: FREN 374
(These 6 credits are part of the 30 senior-level
credits required in no. 1.)




Select from all courses labelled FREN except FREN 100 and FREN 101. These courses will not count towards the major in French but will count towards the total number of credits required for the first undergraduate degree.

  French Minor
30 credits in French courses.

15 senior-level credits in French.


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