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7. Appeals Arising from Other Policies


The Academic Misconduct Policy, and other policies as established or amended from time to time, may provide rights and procedures for appeal to the Student Academic Appeals Committee.

7.1 Students/applicants who wish to avail themselves of these rights are expected to be familiar with the policy in question and must follow the procedures for appeal as outlined in the policy in question. Appeals made directly to the Chair without having followed the procedures established in the appropriate policy, shall be redirected to the appropriate University official for action.

7.2 If the procedures outlined in the policy in question have been followed, and the student/applicant is still dissatisfied with the decision, the student/applicant may appeal the matter by submitting a letter of appeal to the Chair of the Student Academic Appeals Committee within one (1) month of receiving notification of the decision. This letter must specify in detail the reasons for making a further appeal and the remedy the student/applicant is seeking.


After this procedure has been followed, the Chair shall present the student's/applicant's appeal to the Committee for consideration and decision. The Committee shall review the case, consulting with staff, faculty, the student/applicant concerned, or other persons as it considers appropriate. The Chair shall inform the student/applicant, in writing, of the Committee's decision within one (1) month of receiving the appeal. The decision of the Committee shall be final. A copy of the Chair's correspondence will be kept in the student's file.


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