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7.1 Examinations

Assignments and examinations are the basic means of evaluating your knowledge and understanding of course content. Your final grade for a course is normally determined by a weighted average of the marks for all assignments and examinations completed in the course.

Because tutor support is discontinued on the course contract end date, all of your course work, including assignments, quizzes, and examinations (except supplemental exams) must be completed by that date.

  Supplemental examinations

7.1.1 Preparation

Good study habits, time management, reading to understand and remember, frequent reviews, and relating your studies to your everyday life all go a long way toward preparing you for examinations.

Anxiety can prevent you from doing well in examinations. Many of our students have benefited from coping strategies offered by Athabasca University's Counselling Services. Athabasca University also produces a brochure “Mastering Exam Anxiety,” and provides online resources.

Before you request your examination, discuss your preparedness with your tutor or learning facilitator. If you are having difficulties preparing for your examination, please review Athabasca University's Counselling Services Mastering Exam Anxiety website or email an AU counsellor.

   Mastering Exam Anxiety



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