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University Certificate in Heritage Resources Management

Regulations effective September 1, 2007


Work in the heritage sector involves many different and specialized practices. These include the work undertaken at archives, at a huge range of museums, interpretive centres, historic places and heritage landscapes, and as part of some types of scientific and cultural activity. These many differences reflect the vitality and range of the contemporary heritage field.

The University Certificate in Heritage Resources Management (HRM) is a comprehensive program of study that is designed for people who want a broad perspective on Heritage Resources Management, who wish to pursue careers or other involvement with heritage resources practice, or who are working or volunteering in the field and who wish to improve their skills in heritage practice.

There is a required practicum component in this program. Before students are admitted to the program, they must demonstrate that they can make adequate arrangements for the completion of the required practicum. For more information about the practicum and this program, phone 780.675.6955 or email hrm@athabascau.ca

The HRM program is offered by Athabasca University's Centre for Integrated Studies. Some courses in the HRM program are available now, while others are in development and will be available for students at different times over the next two years. Students can enrol in the program now and begin taking courses with the knowledge that the whole program will be in place by late 2009. All courses are offered in distance format with tutor support.

  Heritage Resources Management


  Total credits in the program 30
  Required credits 30
  Residency requirement.
At least 15 credits must be obtained through Athabasca University.
  Maximum Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) credits
None permitted
  General certificate regulations  
  Required Courses (30 credits)  
HERM 301 Introduction to Heritage Resources Management (3)
HERM 312 Heritage Research (3)
HERM 322 Heritage Collections (3)
HERM 327 Heritage Policy in Canada (3)
HERM 339 Conservation (3)
HERM 342 General Principles of Planning Historic Places (3)
HERM 361 Interpretive Programming (3)
PHIL 334 Ethics and Heritage (3)
HERM 491 Heritage Certificate Practicum (6)




Practicum Component


The practicum requires the completion of a 240-hour project. Students identify in advance and in consultation with the Professor, Heritage Resources Management, a practicum project and a suitable on-site practicum supervisor. The Professor, Heritage Resources Management acts as the course professor for the practicum. Students must identify an actual project and the on-site supervisor as soon as possible in their program.


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