Undergraduate Programs
BA History Concentration
Regulations effective September 1, 2007

As a graduate of Athabasca University's History program you will have the ability to

• situate contemporary events in broader historical contexts
• explain changing social attitudes as the product of specific contexts and events
• recognize the ways in which knowledge is socially constructed and sanctioned
• evaluate information for its relevance and reliability
• articulate logical arguments based on relevant information
• identify multiple possible explanations for events
• interpret historical evidence carefully and assess for possible bias.

Athabasca University has developed program learning outcomes that describe the career options that may be available to you upon graduating. Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

      Bachelor of Arts (3-year) General regulations.
Requirements in addition to the general program requirements for the 3-year BA with Concentration.
A minimum of 36 credits in concentration courses including a minimum of 24 senior (300 or 400) level credits.
6 junior (200) level credits in world or European history. For example:
HIST/HUMN 201 Western Culture I (3)
HIST/HUMN 202 Western Culture II (3)
3 junior (200) level credits in Canadian history. For example:
HIST 225 History of Canada, 1867 to the Present (3)

A minimum of 27 credits in the following designated History concentration elective courses selected from the following:

All courses labelled HIST


GLST/HIST 307 The Pacific Century (3)
GLST/HIST 377 Twentieth-Century China (3)
HIST/HUMN 201 Western Culture I (3)
HIST/HUMN 202 Western Culture II (3)
HUMN/MUSI 285 History of Popular Music I: Blues to Big Bands, 1900-1940 (3)
HUMN/MUSI 286 History of Popular Music II: Be-bop to Beatles, 1940-1970 (3)
HUMN 309 Ancient Greece (3)
HUMN 320 Rome and Early Christianity I (3)
HUMN 321 Rome and Early Christianity II (3)
HUMN/MUSI 420 Anglo-American Popular Music Traditions (3)
HUMN/MUSI 421 The Folk Music Revival I: Before 1945 (3)
INST/HIST 368 History of Canada's First Nations to 1830 (3)
INST/HIST 369 History of Canada's First Nations from 1830 (3)
LBST 331 Women, Workers, and Farmers: Histories of North American Popular Resistance (3)

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