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5.6 Academic-related fees


General Application Form/Fee:

  New Students



Evaluation Fee: Procedure One

  For students able to wait until they have completed  six Athabasca University credits, payable only once, and levied for the review of non-AU post-secondary studies. Refer to Section 6.8. Evaluations and Transfer Credit:

Evaluation Fee: Procedure Two

  For students requesting an evaluation before they complete six Athabasca University credits. Refer to Section 6.8. Evaluations and Transfer Credit:

Extension Fee:

  Up to three extensions (each extension is two months in length) may be granted during any one individualized study course registration:

per extension


Invigilation Fee:


Most invigilation centres charge a fee for exam invigilation. This fee is not covered in your tuition paid to Athabasca University.
Consult your local invigilation centre to determine its fee schedule.




Independent Laboratory Fee
(Note: AU is not responsible for any lab fees charged to you by another university)

  Canadian students
  Non-Canadian students (and students living temporarily in Canada on a study authorization)

Learning Resources Fee (definition):

  refer to Section 5.11. Refunds:


Letter of Permission Fee:

  Per letter



Multiple Exam Fee:

  Levied each time an exam is returned unwritten and requested again:

Parchment Replacement Fee:


Prior Learning Assessment Fee:


Supplemental Exam Fee:


Transcript Fee (per copy):


Withdrawal Processing Fee:

  Retained by Athabasca University when you withdraw from your course within a specific time frame:
     Grouped study
     Individualized study


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