5.1. Fee Summary

   How Fees are Calculated
   Methods of Payment
  Initial Application Fee/Sample Calculation
  Course Fees
      Canadian Residents of Alberta
      Canadian Students Outside Alberta, Within Canada
      Students Outside Canada (Canadians and Non-Canadians)
      Non-Canadians Temporarily in Canada
      Senior Citizens (Canadian seniors only)
  Challenge for Credit Fee
         Canadian Students
         Students Outside Canada
         Non-Canadians Within Canada (Study Authorization)
    Reregistration Fees

Course fees are calculated by combining the tuition fees, learning resources fee, and mandatory Students' Union and Alumni Relations fees.

Fees are listed, payable in Canadian dollars, and effective September 1, 2004 to August 31, 2005. Academic-related fees are exempt from the federal Goods and Services Tax fees (refer to 5.7.1.).

The payment of course fees entitles students to receive most learning resources and other support services (including tutorial assistance where provided) for the period of active registration. Learning resources include, but are not limited to, texts, student manuals, study guides, tutorial assistance where provided, and other instructional materials required to complete the course for the period of active registration.

Miscellaneous fees for small items such as binders, calculators, home lab materials, etc., may be associated with many Athabasca University courses, and are the responsibility of the student.

Students attending Athabasca University grouped-study courses at collaborating institutions may be assessed tuition and fees that vary from those established within this Calendar. Those students should contact their local academic advisor or Registrar's Office.

It is Athabasca University's intention to increase its tuition fees in future years by the maximum amount permitted under the Government of Alberta's Tuition Fee Policy.



Initial Application Fee

When first seeking admission to Athabasca University, all students submit a $60, one-time non-refundable application fee with their completed Undergraduate General Application Form. This fee covers the administrative costs involved with entering student demographic information and creating student accounts and records. The $60 application fee is payable only once, regardless of how long ago the student was active.

This fee is non-refundable, even if your requested start date is unavailable or if you choose not to register in an Athabasca University course.

The Undergraduate General Application Form, used to apply for admission, is separate from the Undergraduate Course Registration Form, used for registering in most Athabasca University courses.

AU offers a number of zero-credit courses (e.g., ENGL 140, ENGL 143). Zero-credit courses are assessed the same fee structure as three-credit courses. Other academic-related fees and regulations also apply to zero-credit courses.



Course Fee Example for a Province of Alberta Student

Each course fee (regular and audit registrations) expressed in the fee schedule, is arrived at by combining the following fees:

Tuition fee                            $436
Learning resources fee        $160
Alberta Gov't Portion*         <$28>
Students' Union**          ($8)
Alumni Relations fees** ($2) $10
Alberta student total            $578

*Note: To recognize Alberta's centennial, the Alberta Government is paying a portion of Athabasca University's (AU) course registration fee for Alberta residents starting AU courses between Sept. 1, 2005 and Aug. 31, 2006. The course registration fee that appears has already been reduced to reflect this government initiative.

**The learning resources fee and the Students' Union and Alumni Relation fees do not apply to one-credit courses.



Reregistration Fees

Reregistration fees include the tuition fee, Students' Union and Alumni Relations fees only. However, if the course has been revised since your last registration, you must purchase the new learning resources. The learning resources fee will be added to your reregistration fee.

To Athabasca University course fees, all students.


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