Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Commerce (Post Diploma) - E-Commerce Major
Regulations effective September 1, 2004

Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

Students with approved college diplomas in business or a closely related field will receive a block transfer award of 60 credits towards the Bachelor of Commerce (Post Diploma) - e-Commerce degree, except students with two-year diplomas from approved Ontario colleges who will receive 45

These students must complete additional credits in non-Administrative Studies courses to complete the first 60 credits in the program . Students must have a weighted average of at least 1.7 across all
courses taken at Athabasca University towards a Bachelor of Commerce (Post Diploma) degree in order to graduate.

For more information on the status of this program, contact Athabasca University School of Business at 800.468.6531, or e-mail.

Athabasca University advisors have developed a program plan to assist you. Counselling Services offers an assessment Web site, "Mapping Your Future: Your Career and Athabasca University." Athabasca University has also developed program learning outcomes that describe the career options that may be available to you upon graduating.

  Program Requirements  
  Total credits in the program 120
  Block transfer credit for 2-year business diploma
(excluding Ontario 2-year business diploma)
  Block transfer credit for Ontario
2-year business diploma (effective Jan. 1, 2004)
  Block transfer credit for Ontario
3-year business diploma
  Core courses credits (Years 3 and 4) 27
  e-Commerce major core courses credits 21

e-Commerce Major Electives credits

  Non-Administrative Studies credits at the senior
(300 or 400) level
  Minimum Athabasca University credits
(including ADMN 404) in Years 3 and 4
  Maximum Prior Learning Assessment and
  Years 1 and 2 (60 credits)

Approved college diploma

  Years 3 and 4 (60 credits)
  Core Courses (27 credits)  
ACCT 355 Cost Analysis (3)
ACCT 356 Strategic and Competitive Analysis (3)
ADMN 404 Business Policy*
* Must be taken through AU. Students are strongly recommended to take ADMN 404 as one of their last courses in the program.
CMIS 351 Management Information Systems
FNCE 370 Overview of Corporate Finance (3)
MATH 265 Introduction to Calculus I (3)
MGSC 312 Statistics for Business and Economics II (3)
MGSC 368 Introduction to Production and Operations Management
MGSC 369 Service Operations Management
MKTG 396 Introduction to Marketing (3)


  e-Commerce Major Core Courses (21 credits)  
ADMN 415 Strategy and Technology Innovation
ECOM 320 Overview of e-Commerce
ECOM 420 Project in e-Commerce (in development)*
* Must be taken through AU.
MGSC 405 Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making  
MGSC 418 Supply Chain Management (in development)
MKTG 410 e-Marketing
ORGB 430 Information Systems and Organizational Design
ECOM 425 e-Commerce Security, Legal Issues and Ethics 1  
COMP 361 Systems Analysis and Design



e-Commerce Major Electives
(Select 9 credits from the following courses)

CMIS 214 Custom Applications with Visual Basics 1
COMM 431 Leadership in Technology 1
COMP 266 Introduction to Web Programming
COMP 268 Introduction to Computer Programming (Java)
FNCE408 e-Commerce and Risk Management 1
CMIS Any senior (300/400) level CMIS course 1  
COMP Any senior (300/400) level COMP course 1  
ECOM Any senior (300/400) level ECOM course 1  
  Options (3 credits)  
Non-Administrative Studies at senior
(300 or 400) level

1 Courses added in March 2010 and grandfathered.

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